Jotunspor – Gleipnirs Smeder (2006)

jotunspor gleipnis smeder

This project is a so to say by-product by the ex-Gorgoroth members Kvitrafn and Kig ov Hell. The band founded back in 2005 as a request of Cold Spring Records intended to compose a kind of music with a noisy, cold, raw and extreme atmosphere to pay tribute to their northern heritage and ancestors.

Their first album Gleipnirs Smeder, released in 2006, combines brutal, primitive black metal with dark, ambient features. Sad news, though, the members proposed that the band with the music they make can only be enjoyed exclusively on a disc format not at a concert. What a shame. If this music has a great and not at all a positive impact on you listening to it at home alone in the middle of the night, what impact it could have when combined with visual elements at a concert.

The record with its seven songs introduces us to the members’ fantasy with a very well built concept. The music of Jotunspor could be considered the perfect background tune to this kind of world in which these musicians dwell. The guitar sessions distorted to the extreme rumble with a certain tired monotonity as well as rush throughout the album with the speed of a hurricane. The same can be told about the drum sessions, as well. At first you would presume that during recordings drum samples were used but it is not the case at all. The surgical precision with which they play the drums is quite exceptional, which also adds to the concept the band tries to convey.

Vocal recording was a joint effort although it is quite difficult to distinguish which human noise belongs to whom and if there is any difference among them. To form an opinion it is better to separate clear vocals from sick cawings. It is also hard to write anything about the titles and lyrics unless you are native Norwegian or one of the two members and that is because the lyrics haven’t been published anywhere. Not understanding a word of what they are cawing about is not necessarily a problem for it can create a mysterious and unearthly atmosphere. After all it is much more intriguing and fascinating than what is ready-made and put right under our noses, isn’t it?


A1 Gleipnirs Smeder 6:24
A2 Svartalvheims Djup 7:08
A3 Solartjuven 5:12
A4 Freke Han Renn… 3:53
B1 Sol Mun Svartne 3:40
B2 Ginnungagalder 4:55
B3 Ildkrig 4:06

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