Silencer – Death – Pierce Me (2009)

silencer death pierce me

Silencer. For many of us, and that includes myself, this band remained unknown for a long time. It was founded in 1995 in Sweden and released only a demo and an album. The latter was released first in 2001 but since it was a limited edition it has been reissued several times since then. The last was in 2009. And that’s the one that is sitting on my shelf.

The genre is so called suicidal black metal therefore I strongly do not recommend listening to the record to the mentally unstable because it could give you ideas you would never think of for the very reason that you could easily cause harm in yourself or in others.

The music itself is something you can’t really pick at. Intense tracks with clear concepts combined with catchy melodies and nothing more really. We’ve already heard similar, for instance the early Shining. But if we add the distinct voice of the singer Nattramn then it becomes something different you can’t put your finger on. These two ingredients, intense and catchy music with the screaming voice of Nattramn, accomplish insanity at its worst and a certain chaotic atmosphere from which you are simply not able to escape for a long time. The main occurring subjects are suicide, death, misanthropy, madness and other delightful things like that. Nothing proves this better than the way he introduces us to his sick nightmares and tells us all about it screaming, cutting his own throat and spitting blood on all of us in the song The Slow Kill in the Cold. This is the point when we start to believe he really takes this whole thing seriously. The dominant mood is mostly the complete disilluionment of existence throughout the whole 50-minute album. Although the recurring motifs are not too varied it doesn’t make the album boring. Altogether, it is simply not an easy record.

Trying to provide as much information as possible let me give you some background info. The last known line-up was the following: Nattramn – vocal, Leere – guitars, double bass (later continued to plunk in Shining), Steve Wolz – drums. After having the album released the band broke up, which was due to the fact that Nattramn had to be moved in a mental institute in Växjö. The extact reason for this remains a doubtful rumour but still it supports the concept and atmosphere of the album and gives credit to everything Nattramn tries to share with us.

To put it in a nutshell: suicidal black metal only at your own risk.


1 Death – Pierce Me 10:32
2 Sterile Nails And Thunderbowels 6:17
3 Taklamakan 8:33
4 The Slow Kill In The Cold 11:35
5 I Shall Lead, You Shall Follow 8:48
6 Feeble Are You – Sons Of Sion 3:04
7 Death – Pierce Me (Demo 1998) 11:32

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