Survivors of the Great Apocalypse Tour 2013@Scruffy Murphy’s, Birmingham, UK

A pub in Birmingham, UK with a lovely atmosphere called Scruffy Murphy’s gave place for our first concert experience this year. Five bands performed their show that night quite well.

Acrania@Scruffy Murphy's, Birmingham, UK

According to the flyer the kick-off will be at 7pm but as we all know nothing happens the way we expect them to happen. So with a slight delay the first band, Pathosis from Worcester took the stage. As for them they play progressive death metal of which coined term I have not heard so far. The songs they played were aggressive enough, although a bit imprecise here and there. At this time the audience was of only a few people whom the band couldn’t really get into the mood. As far as I’m concerned their music didn’t really make me nod rhythmically so I didn’t pay too much attention to them. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to bury them completely but I have to admit that the first band’s job of warming up the crowd is never an easy one.

Pathosis@Scruffy Murphy's, Birmingham, UK

Pathosis@Scruffy Murphy’s, Birmingham, UK

After a short set-up it was the turn of the youngest band as far as the members’ age and the band’s existence concerned, Acrania. This band from London continued with what Pathosis had started earlier. Surprisingly, the genre was still death metal mixed with some grind, which was well executed by these youngsters but a bit too little for our happiness. Unfortunately, venturing out on a stage is not enough, you have to be present there as well. This was one little thing this young band couldn’t acquire so far. This was supported by the lead singer’s rather clumsy movements on the stage, which could be due to the fact that he could’t find his place on the stage. The whole image of the band was lightly improved when I noticed the bloodshot eye of the lead singer, which I couldn’t decide whether he painted it there or it is a result of a hard day’s night. Let’s hope the latter. Winding up the audience in a seemingly confused manner wasn’t a good idea, I suppose. I couldn’t really get that how a soberly standing crowd can be roused to form a circle pit in a small basement club. All in all, Acrania is a very skillfull band but still they’ve got much to learn.

Acrania@Scruffy Murphy's, Birmingham, UK

Acrania@Scruffy Murphy’s, Birmingham, UK

The third band was Cemtex from Glasgow. They founded in 2008 and so far a 9-track EP was released, all of which they probably played for us. If I had had any doubt whether it was worth going out that night this band definitely convinced me that yes, it was a good idea. Although the pub’s name was reflected in this band’s scruffy appearence but not at all in their performance. Their trash death music was more like my taste even if what they played wasn’t much of a difference from what the previous bands did. But, and there is a big ’but’, Cemtex certainly had that extra energy and attitude which made their gig memorable. At this point I finally felt that we passed the warm-up session and the best is yet to come.

Cemtex@Scruffy Murphy's, Birmingham, UK

Cemtex@Scruffy Murphy’s, Birmingham, UK

In the more and more crowded basement Warpath from Dublin occupied the stage which seemed to have shrunk under them. With their performance we arrived at the pro level. These robust Irishmen already have had two full albums behind them since their foundation in 2005. Having won the official Wacken Metal Battle Ireland this alcohol-fueled machine got a chance to terrorise the audience at Wacken Open Air 2012. With their catchy songs they quickly managed to lure people in front of the stage and set the tone instantly with their very first song. It was an excellent albeit rather short performance. Despite being a Monday night people couldn’t help but had a few pints to go with this music, but that’s no wonder. Without a doubt instead of blood it is Guiness that flows in the veins of the members. I could have listened to them for a bit longer but they had to move on to give the stage to the next band.

Warpath@Scruffy Murphy's, Birmingham, UK

Warpath@Scruffy Murphy’s, Birmingham, UK

The next band which was the last and at the same time the main band that evening was the Scottish Cerebral Bore. The band was formed in 2006, after which they quickly found themselves in the US touring with Suffocation and Brutal Truth, for instance. During their set-up the club was full but we still can’t talk about a proper crowd. Instead of the expected vocalist, a very talented man named Shawn Whitaker (Viral Load, Insidious Decrepancy) took the microphone. As it turned out later the band’s previous vocalist Simone “Som” Pluijmers left the band last year. After that this American butcher joined the band but in tonight’s line-up there were a few more guest musicians who contributed to their wicked show. These changes made me slightly disappointed because it doesn’t happen every day that you can see a woman in the extreme music frontline. Fortunately Shawn’s twisted personality, which hit us immediately when he got on stage, gave us some comfort. His sick gestures and movements made smiles on our faces quite a few times. They created a very nice atmosphere which could have been increased by communicating their brilliant lyrics in a more decipherable way instead of the frequency of gastric vocals. All things considered Cerebral Bore’s performance was a short but the punchiest of all this evening. I have to add, though, that each band was to play only about half an hour.

Cerebral Bore@Scruffy Murphy's, Birmingham, UK

Cerebral Bore@Scruffy Murphy’s, Birmingham, UK

To tell the truth I wasn’t quite familiar with the bands having played tonight for the simple reason that it is impossible to keep track of the massive amount of bands appearing in the metal scene every day. But what I heard and saw tonight some of the bands, especially Cerebral Bore, entered themselves into my favourite bands.

Tonight’s side effects: long lasting buzz in my ears, increased vivacity and peace of mind.

Photos of the night can be found here.


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