Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult – Evoking A Decade (Self-Released, Reissued, 2008)

’Evoking a Decade’ is the double, self-released album of the German Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult or D.N.S. for short. This 2-CD record was released in honour of the band’s 10th anniversary. The issue contains the songs of the band’s first EP in two version. CD 1 contains the songs originally recorded in 1997, whereas CD 2 holds the same songs recorded during the years 2001-2007.

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Evoking A Decade - Digipack

You can call this band everything but mediocre. Their professionalism has been always there from the early start and album is a perfect proof of that. A nice combination of incredible riffs, furious drum sessions and fast bass as well as slower, more subdued sessions aso characterise all the songs. What is being done here is not something you hear every day. In fact, the voice of singer Onielar could be envied by many of the representatives of the stronger sex. Her voice is fuelled with anger and hatred, which shows how serious they are about what they do.

The main difference between the original and the re-recorded songs is that the sound of re-recorded songs became much clearer during the years but doesn’t really give anything more to the listeners. Nevertheless, the Collectors Edition featuring a total of 5 songs will not cause any disappointment for the fans of true and kult black metal, even if you only got to know the band through one of their latest releases.

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Evoking A Decade - Inside (4-5)

It is also worth saying a few words about the package. It was released as a high quality A5 format digipack limited to 1000 copies. The whole package is decorated with medieval woodcut-like graphics, which is by the way a well-known feature of all of their records. The digipack also includes an 8-page booklet which also contains a short biography. I may say that the outer appearence very well matches the inner content. Definitely a must have for collectors!


Evoking A Decade – CD 1 (23:10)
1-1 Ars Moriendi 3:44
1-2 Slaughtercult 3:33
1-3 The Pest Called Humanity 5:52
1-4 Saldor 5:22
1-5 Centuries Of Mine 4:36
Evoking A Decade – CD 2 (23:07)
2-1 Ars Moriendi 3:38
2-2 Slaughtercult 3:15
2-3 The Pest Called Humanity 5:32
2-4 Saldor 5:54
2-5 Centuries Of Mine 4:45

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