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Chamber Of Lost Sounds is a site dedicated to mostly underground bands from the realms of black, death and extreme metal genres. The aim is to promote these bands, which do not get as much publicity as they would deserve, by either praising or cursing them.

The focus is 100% on these controversial sub-genres therefore C.O.L.S. doesn’t move on a wide and colourful scale consequently there won’t be hundreds of posts and tons of news every day. Due the underground nature of the site it is impossible and completely unnecessary.

All the materials what you can read about are parts of a personal collection and live gig experience. As a blog which publishes articles about releases the most important duty is to support the bands by buying their records. Without these hordes C.O.L.S. would have never been born.

Editor in Chief – LGH
Visual disturbance – VV
Casual offender – Lupus Canis

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Open up the chamber and take a look into this gloomy underground world.

 LGH –  Chamber Of Lost Sounds MMXIII


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