Nile w/ Ex Deo (CAN), Svart Crown (FRA), Pestifer (B), Under Blackened Skies (UK), Kataleptic (UK) – 14th September 2013 @ Rock Zombie Dudley, UK

During the  second part of the „At the Gate of Sethu” tour Nile visited not just capitals and big arenas but suprisingly they gave a concert in a small town as well called Dudley. I`m not sure this club called Rock Zombie is the place where such big names like Nile play. Anyway..I almost missed it because I only get knowledge about the gig a few days before.


One of the support bands was Kataleptic from Birmingham. Their warm up show was forceful and aggressive enough to change the atmosphere from pleasant to killer and turn an empty place into a madhouse. This early time just a few people decided to watch their gig so the security in front of the stage was absolutely unnecessary. I would like to highlight the performance of the bass player. This guy knew how to play and he totally enjoyed his job. His move on the stage reminded me of the movements of a giant spider. Well done.

The second band Under Blackened Skies came also from Birmingham but unfortunatelly I didn`t see too much of their perfomance due to my own „technical problems”. Next time I will pay with more attention to them.

Actually I had no chance to listen the first two bands for so long at all because they had only about 20 minutes to show us what they really can do. There was no problem with the sounding so far but after the first two support bands something just went bad and all the main bands were hardly enjoyable.

After the local support bands the Belgian Pestifer was next on stage. Formed in 2004 they have released only one full lenght album so far. Age of Disgrace is a fine technical death release but tonight the technical support didn’t help the tracks listenable or even recognizable. On this high level of musical complexity the most important details seemed to be failed.

I was looking forward to see Svart Crown from France. I first saw them in a small club back in 2008 in Hungary.  Back then they were on tour with their fellow French extreme metalheads Otargos and we had a really good time watching them live. Now it doesn’t seem to have changed a bit.
During their show the crowd was divided into two by the security staff: mosh pit at the back and peaceful headbangers in the front.

guitar cases

After the French horde, Ex Deo took the stage and filled the hall with the smell of testosterone. These guys are from Canada and the band is just a side project of the members of Kataklysm. Their profession is also death metal or rather battle metal. They formed in 2008 and the choice of their quite unusual lyrical themes based on the history of the Roman Empire and ancient Roman mythology with tracks like Romulus and I, Caligvla. I have never heard of them before probably because I`m not really into these battle things but their act was very powerful. What else could we expect from real metal warriors dressed in leather armors?  I`m glad none of them chopped our head off.

After about a half-an-hour long setting the stage was ready for the final band, Nile. I’m sure most of the crowd only came to see them.  The name speaks for itself so I guess there’s no need to introduce them. Since they released tha latest album namely At the Gate of Sethu they still have been on tour with the new tracks as well as with the earlier ones. Tonight they played even from the very first album. I`m not telling secrets when I say their themes and music are inspired by Egyptian and Eastern mithology and history. From this point of view they are very similar to the previous band but this similarity only manifests in the basic ideas of lyrics. In my opinion it was a very good idea of them to tour with Ex Deo. At least we had a lesson of ancient history with a twist.

Nile 1_1

Despite the small stage, small venue and sounding problems the whole event was so intimate that it felt like as if we had been invited by all the bands to see them in their very own rehearsal rooms.

To be honest I prefer more the  „dark rituals” then the „technical riff waves” but if you get a chance to see a live gig like this and you don`t have to travel hours and hundreds of miles for it you just simple cannot say no.

A little extra – tonight’s Nile setlist:

Sacrifice Unto Sebek
Defiling the Gates of Ishtar
Hittite Dung Incantation
Enduring the Eternal Molestation of Flame
The Inevitable Degradation of Flesh
Supreme Humanism of Megalomania
The Blessed Dead
The Howling of the Jinn
Lashed to the Slave Stick
Unas Slayer of the Gods
Black Seeds of Vengeance


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