Carpathian Forest@The Underworld, London, UK – 14th December 2013

Although Carpathian Forest haven’t released much since Fuck You All!!! Caput Tuum in Ano Est in 2006 they’ve been quite active live. After the summer festivals the band hits the road again with the following dates and venues:

Eindhoven Metal Meeting, Eindhoven, the Netherlands – 13th December, 2013

The Underworld, Camden Town, London, UK – 14th December, 2013

Black Winter Fest, Romagano Sesia, Italy – 15th December, 2013


At their London stop Carpathian Forest will be supported by death metal punks under the name of The Rotted and war-torn black metaller Eastern Front, both from the UK.

More info on the bands and the event:

Carpathian Forest on Facebook and MySpace

The Rotted‘s official site and Facebook page

Eastern Front‘s official site and Facebook page

For Carpathian Forest@The Underworld event head here


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