Razors Across Europe Tour 2013 – Shining w/ Sterbhaus@The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton, UK – 5th December, 2013

It is already December, the last month of 2013 but there are still some gigs around the corner worth attending and bands are also far from being hybernated.

Razors Across Europe Tour was announced at the end of November headlining Shining from Sweden with the also Swedish Sterbhaus and the Norwegian Crest of Darkness. The tour covered many European stops and a few in the UK. Sadly the latter band, Crest of Darkness left the tour somewhere around Belgium for personal reason. Although according to unofficial sources they simply couldn’t stand the restless nights with Swedish self-destructors any longer.

Sterbhaus, a four-piece death/thrash metal band from Stockholm opened the night. Throughout their performance Sterbhaus tried to encourage us for some kill as you would expect it from a proper death metal band. Frontman Marcus‘ voice sounded close to Mille Petroza‘s from Kreator, which gave a thrash feeling to it. Based on tracks like Frogboiler (and the video for this song is a masterpiece) and the album Angels for Breakfast … God for Lunch it is nearly impossible to take them seriously but watching them live and listening to the aforementioned album makes us think differently. Tonight Sterbhaus brought us some happiness before the forthcoming mourn.

After a short break Shining was on stage to cheer up the few who turned up. There was a time when Shining’s performances freaked out people but as years has gone by frontman Niklas Kvarforth, the only remaining founding member seems to calm down a bit but it doesn’t mean he changed at all. Although there was no blood, no blades or self-destruction of any kind the pain definitely came through.

Tonight’s set was a fine compilation showing the two faces of Shining: the violent, extreme metal side and the progressive metal side with clean vocals and acoustic parts. ‘Förtvivlan, min Arvedel‘, ‘Ytterligare ett steg närmare total jävla utfrysning‘, ‘Låt oss ta allt från varandra‘ and ‘Ohm (sommar med Siv)‘ were among tonight’s songs with a little intermezzo playing a Guns ‘n’ Roses solo.

As standard procedure Kvarforth was sipping Jack Daniel’s from the bottle and from time to time shared it with the band, however, at the end of the night the bottle still didn’t look empty. Maybe it wasn’t the right vintage for their taste, I guess.

Unfortunately there was a low attendance. As Niklas told us after the show apart from a few exceptions the whole tour was like that.

Comparing Shining and their music to Sterbhaus Shining is more about hatred and Sterbhaus is more about a bit of smile. They could have balanced each other but Shining’s impression was stronger. Much stronger.

For more photos head here.


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