Carpathian Forest w/ Eastern Front and The Rotted @ The Underworld, London – 14th December, 2014

The Underworld in Camden was the assembly point for sadomasochistic, blood lusting black metallers and lovers of live perversions this weekend. The reason for this gathering was the one and only UK performance of the notorious Carpathian Forest and of course, their illustrious support bands, Eastern Front and The Rotted. As far as we’re concerned it was a mandatory, unmissable event. Therefore we did everything we could to be there, but most importantly pre-booking the tickets in case being sold out.

The first band kicked our asses tonight was Eastern Front. These veterans are inspired by WWII, which pretty much shows on their music and outfit. They also had a short UK tour a few months earlier, which we reviewed here. At that time they played in front of literary a few people in a Birmingham club but still nicely managed to pull it off. Here, a reasonable sized crowd was given, shouting angrily and raising their fists in the air for ‘Bloood ooon snooow!!!’, which made this gig more intense and more powerful. I also recommended this show to my mate who didn’t hear of Eastern Front. During their set he made his opinion very clear whilst happily headbanging: ‘This is fuckin’ first class, this is!’.

Eastern Front

The next band on the bill were death metal punks, The Rotted. They looked and sounded a bit off topic for the first sight with the lack of corpse paint or other traditional black metal features but they were perfectly capable of maintaining the madness started by Eastern Front and later highly escalated by Carpathian Forest. The lead singer, Ben was in a very lively mood, chatting a lot in between songs and apparently was too happy to remember which song was coming next. At the end of their set they left us nothin’ but a nosebleed.

The Rotted

Over my third X there are still bands out there who make me feel overexcited. Carpathian Forest is one of them. A band that still carries the true spirit of Norwegian black metal and far from being a shoddy black metal act. It’s darker than you think …

Nattefrost and his gorgeous looking band are the composers of the beloved songs of my (later) childhood. Unfortunately the band has been inactive for a while. There hasn’t been any new releases under the black sun since their last album Fuck You All!!! in 2006. Therefore a live gig of theirs counts as a very unique event. Yes, they did perform several times during the festival season in 2013 but an open air festival gig simply doesn’t compare to a good old club performance. A special event combined with loads of people in a small venue gives endless opportunities of certain surprises and inconveniences. First, Nattefrost’s outfit and at some points the lack of it. Secondly, the absolute madness of the crowd. From the first notes until the very last one my survival instincts were revived and I was trying really hard to keep my feet on the ground. Whether it was due to the ‘unpolite’ behaviour of the crazy crowd or the consumed quantity of alcoholic beverages, we’ll never know.

Carpathian Forest

Despite they dragged out more slower songs than danceable ones from their repertoire the audience went absolutely insane. So insane, in fact, with a bit of exaggeration there were more fans on the stage sometimes than in front of it. Due to the madness and chaotic atmosphere tonight almost became an extreme episode of ultimate survival.

Although the band’s set was slick and precise and their sound was never as good as tonight, we have seen a better performance from Nattefrost. But still, I have no regret attending that gig, even if it nearly cost my life at some points.

Although, if you missed it, no need to worry. You can still see them at the following events:

BLASTFEST 2014, 20-22nd February – Bergen, Norway. For more info headbang here.

HELL & HEAVEN METAL FEST 2014, 15-16th March – Mexico City. Click here if you want to know more.

LEGACY OPEN AIR 2014, 13-15th June – Weismain, Germany. Head here if you dare.

In the past years there have always been rumours about a new album from Carpathian Forest but so far one thing is for sure: not just yet. We hope that in the near future the band will surprise us with a new release. But as they say “something never changes, something never will…”

More photos HERE.


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