Darkspace – a product of the 21st century. (12” vinyl release)

The (black) metal music industry in Switzerland was never too productive, however, back in the days it was still able to create such huge names as Celtic Frost or Hellhammer. The subject of this review is also a Swiss metal project called Darkspace. The band consists of three strangely named humanoids: ZorghZhaaral and Wroth, who formed their union in Bern back in 1999. Wroth, aka Tobias Mockl whose work under the name Paysage d’Hiver is definitely apparent in Darkspace. The music they created unintentionally laid down the foundation stone of some new genres of metal, namely dark ambient black metal, space black metal or atmospheric black metal. Perhaps these new sub-genres sound a bit clichéd but in respect of the end result, which is the music itself, it doesn’t really matter.

Even if they didn’t carve their name on the wall of Hall of Fame (yet) despite their short existenece the works of Darkspace deserves our attention.

Darkspace unleashed their first two recorded tracks as a demo in 2002 titled Darkspace -1. The original version of these songs are still available to download from the official site of the band but it wasn’t officially released till 2012. In that year the re-recorded material came out in two different formats, CD and vinyl. It was an excellent debut -and it still is- from a freshly formed band and their first steps already anticipated what can we expect from them in the future. During the years 3 full albums have been released but only this EP is available in vinyl format.

The sound of the black disc is jaw dropping. I most certainly like the old recordings as well but the difference between that and the vinyl format is Heaven and Earth.

Dark Space -1 Prägung2.cdr

The EP is nearly half an hour long, which is pretty long if you consider it only includes two tracks. The tracks are simply numbered like -1.-1 and -1.0. Neither on this demo nor on any other Darkspace album there are no titles at all. This fact gives us the impression of a digital data mass as it doesn’t similar to any musical release.

As I mentioned above this is an attempt of a new trend. Darkspace has a futuristic soundscape which opens new dimensions of extreme music. As we listen to the vinyl we can somehow feel as if this material wasn’t from this world. It is more like something was transmitted from the farthest corner of the unknown universe. This impression is not surprising because the purpose of their tracks was to summon the cold and lifeless environment of the eternal dark space.

Those who feel open for something new and can accommodate the extraordinary Darkspace is a definite must to listen to.


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