Gorgoroth w/ Vital Remains, Ageless Oblivion, Ethereal @ The Garage, London – 6th April, 2014

Sunday is a special day for several reasons. According to some, it is the day of rest. According to us, it is the day of sacrificing our rest on the altar of darkness itself. I didn’t find it too difficult to decide if I want to make my way down to London to see the band whose albums I practically grew up with. I’d also like to apologise in advance for the very personal tone of this report but Gorgoroth always has a special place in my heart and considered them as an exceptional phenomenon. Of course, they didn’t come alone as they were on tour with the mighty Vital Remains and two more support bands from within the borders of England.

Nothing makes a night flow as smoothly as a set from Ethereal. The Liverpudlians put everyone at ease straight away, including themselves. I already wrote about one of their gigs earlier and I can bravely say that they managed to pull it off tonight yet again. After having seen them for the first time I had a feeling that they bear some resemblance to another band. With the symphonic interlines, powerful stage presence as well as their outfit they slightly reminded me of the early Dimmu Borgir. I hope you don’t want to impale me for saying that, but that was my first impression of them, however, the music of the two is very different, especially nowadays. Ethereal’s set was flawless as it was meant to be. With perfectly composed songs like Bloodstained Martyr and yet unreleased Unholy Ungodly we got black metal straight in our faces without compromise. They managed to set the mood straight away.

Ethereal@The Garage, London - 6/4/14

Up next was Ageless Oblivion from Hampshire. The progressive death metal band has already released two studio albums, Temples of Transcendent Evolution and Penthos, in 2010 and in March this year respectively. Compared to the other bands tonight with their lyrical themes their set seemed a bit off topic, i.e. they were far from being blasphemous, they still fitted in nicely. Of course, you don’t have to curse the Holy Trinity to play an excellent set. The fire that Ethereal set Ageless Oblivion managed to keep it alive and add to it a lot. Powerful, aggressive and heavy, but tonight they seemed to ignore the progressive from their death metal.

Ageless Oblivion@The Garage, London - 6/4/14

Underground death metal that shakes you to the core. That is Vital Remains from the States. The only original member of the band is Tony Lazaro, who must have been spent the last 26 years to keep the band alive. A killer set was played tonight, which turned the arena to an unsafe moshpit. Well, I don’t think there is a safe mosh pit, anyway. Current vocalist, Brian Werner wasn’t reluctant to join in the mosh pit several times. After all this, a wall of death didn’t really come as a surprise. The atmosphere was absolutely intoxicating and overwhelming. The closing song Dechristianise with the Carmina Burana-intro was an absolute blast and the point of no return for us. Anti-religious death metal at its finest.

Vital Remains@The Garage, London - 6/4/14

The mighty Gorgoroth is last, but definitely not least on the agenda. The infamous band with its controversial background worthily won the legendary fame. During previous years the band went through line-up changes and even a trial over the right to the Gorgoroth name but you can read about it all over the internet. It seems they have settled with the recent line-up with Hoest from Taake taking possession of the position of the frontman, even if it only means a temporary role. Although I would like to see him for longer than temporary because I think he has the ideal voice for this role and for the band. I have already tried to draw a picture on the band based on one of their earlier shows but of course, back then the line-up was a bit different. The intro, which was the famous Funeral March by Chopin, created the perfect atmosphere for the forthcoming madness which kicked off straight away with Bergtrollets Hevn. From then on the crowd went berserk and the ritual began. The band knows very well what buttons to push to set all the negative energies free and make the crowd loose their minds. By the time Katharinas Bortgang and Revelation of Doom were played the venue had already been filled up with smoke. It was absolutely unpenetrable and made it impossible to see the band or just to see anything while moving in the crowd. Smoke and constant red lights created a very special ambience, heavy sound, fast-paced songs and in-your-face black metal are just some of the things I can describe their performance at the Garage tonight. Infernus and his minions presented the unadulterated image of Gorgoroth yet again.

Gorgoroth@The Garage, London - 6/4/14

The rest of the photos taken tonight can be seen here.

Gorgoroth setlist:

Bergtrollets Hevn
Katharinas Bortgang
Revelation of Doom
Forces of Satans Storms
The Rite of Infernal Invocation
Ødeleggelse og undergang
Blood Stains the Circle
Incipit Satan
Profetens åpenbaring
Unchain my Heart


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