Watain & Degial raised the Swedish flag over the ruins of Timisoara – 8th April, 2014 Daos Club, Timisoara, RO

Finally we break through the borders of England with our first confirmed request abroad. Despite of complex and uncomfortable trip was more than memorable. It is a milestone on the edge of our rugged path to catch one of the stations of this nearly a month long black crusade through Europe. The main reason why I really, eagerly waited for this show is a simple word: Watain. A band which can amaze me with ease with its flaming live performances. Due several other factors this gig at the heart of eastern europe was far from that we used to witness on the western side of the continent. So much the more within this type of environment an underground band can be trully unleashed. Where everything allowed, anything can be happen.

There were no local band at all. Only one band gave support to the headliner, namely Degial from the same Swedish lair where Watain are from. Actually, these two hordes marched tireless together to spread their destructive music all over Europe during the months of March and April. It seems Uppsala is the place where the most rabid musical formations can be form. That city must have something evil hidden deep in its soil and air.

Degial is so to say a freshly born death metal band. In my opinion every band can be regarded as a ’new band’ which was formed after the millenium, but in our case it doesn’t really matter. Degial was formed in 2004. but their one and only full length album Death’s Striking Wings has waited for itself till 2012. That is also true to create a good release you need plenty of time. They have left enough time for themselves to make their debut beast as raw and insane as it just can be. During their warm up performance they presented the way how death metal is supposed to be played. Brutal and dirty. Their presence on the stage was simple but confident and surprisingly the sound was better than what they mixed in the studio.

As soon as the sunset brought darkness out there, in the club the temple of chaos was built up again. Watain was unleashed! The stage was decorated with many different kind of bones and corpses, fire and blood but the usual stench was missing tonight. After the transformation of the members frontman, Erik welcomed the gathered fans with a huge dose of death curses. All horns were raised above the heads. The expected kick off tracks were the intro from the latest album The Wild Hunt and De Profundis straight after that. The whole set was longer and more diverse than the first part of their recent tour last year. It seems the previous few concerts were just a warm up before the proper madness. Highlight of the show was when they played Freezing Moon from Mayhem showing their respect for the memory of Dead who left the world behind on this very day 23 years ago. I just consider this moment as a gift from the band to us. I was also glad to hear the Puzzles ov Flesh from the Casus Luciferi era. During the song Devil’s Blood a few of us had a chance to have a taste of it for real when the frontman spilled his chalice on us and made many faces covered in blood. A short break followed the main set but they returned to the stage shortly with burning torches and with the song titled Outlaw. At the very end the whole stage was set in fire.

It is not easy to describe a Watain concert with a few words. In general their shows are more than a live act and definitely not an entertaining event.  The essence of black purity was presented by them and there were no one who could be able to resist the power of Watain. Briefly, not so many band left out there like Watain who still take black metal that seriously and make it as a way of life. Many thanks for the organizers to let this event become our very first review from the old continent. Many more will follow.


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