Helvete Underground – Black Metal celebration in Switzerland 2-4 October, 2014

There are more ways than one that makes Switzerland popular and attractive in general. Breathtaking landscapes, discreet and safety banks, Alpine castles, Victorinox. Not very “metal”. Although this beautiful country also has a  dark side. In October there will be an extreme musical festival which will hopefully put its name among the previously listed factors.


The organizers of this event realized there aren’t many festivals focusing on the less known underground extreme metal bands of the country so they decided to create Helvete Underground. The festival will be organized for the first time this year and will be placed in the heart of Geneva. On the first weekend of October during three nights 13 Swiss bands mostly from the black metal scene will perform and make the Swiss underground movement more stronger than it ever was.

The objectives of the festival prove well that the organizers take this event very seriously.


During the weekend the dispersion of the performers will be very convenient so this massive amount of black metal can be processed easily. The line up is very promising and of course the appearance of Darkspace makes this event absolutely unique as they play live extremely rarely.

helslakt eggs of gomorrh
Although Darkspace is the main attraction, many other hordes will perform their sick musical creations. Among others Helslakt, Cendres de Haine, Tardigrada, Eggs of Gomorrh and Schammasch are the bands which makes us very curious.

To create a brand new festival and make it successful is always risky. In my opinion this event is the most promising brand new festival of the year. We hope this attempt will be the dawn of an annual Swiss underground festival.

For more information and details check out the official site of the event here.



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