Scorching Swiss hell – Helvete Underground in Geneva, Switzerland – 2-4th October, 2014 – Part 2

Saturday saw an earlier start as it was the busiest day in terms of the bands. Due to lack of proper rest I tried to pull myself together to be apart of the last day as much as I can. It wasn’t easy at all but worth it at the end.

Anyway, after the first notes of Eggs of Gommorh all the pain I felt before was gone. It put me straight back to the same pace I seemed to have lost during the previous day’s devilish binges. It is hardly possible to start a day faster then this horde did. Dirty black trash madness for half an hour usually works really well.

Eggs of Gomorrh

Schammasch launched their gig with some psychedelic themes and just barely turned the speed on. Somehow to me the sound and even the whole concept was very similar to Behemoth, although I’m not sure if it was an accident or on purpose. Despite they used frankincense during their set, which is known as the scent of holiness, Schammasch are definitely not the heralds of the holy spirit. If someone ever wondered how a progressive black metal band would sound, Scammasch could be the best answer.

With its snail paced dark melodies saturated with sorrow and hopelessness Tardigrada provided a bit of rest for the over chased souls. Over their set they performed probably the entire demo they have under their belt so far, I guess. Tardigrada were the only band who represented the DSBM line. The blue light effects and the pale face paints gave them an ethereal guise. The atmosphere paired with their eerie music gave me the impression as if the composers of this out of this world-songs had already been dead.


After the previous slowing down Rorcal kicked off as a nuclear strike with a chaotic blast beat sequence. Although Rorcal is supposed to be a doom/sludge band after the first notes I had a different feeling. Through the impenetrable fog they created the band remained invisible for the public, but the aggression that was coming through the speakers proved Rorcal are in their best form. Among many, one of their strength was the throat tearing vocal that could frighten the shit out of anyone.

I firmly decided not to review the performance of Bölzer. Not because it was terrible or there is nothing to say about it but it was made clear to me that there is no point of reviews at all. Anyway, sometimes less is more, so just go and see the horde if you have a chance. Trust me, they do worth it.


And now, finally the time has come to face the eternal void. Without any doubt Darkspace were the highlight of this weekend. Most of the crowd and even a few performers were waiting impatiently for the encounter. Before they launched their hyper-paced orbital missile, a long serpentine queue was formed in front of the closed gate and people was stepping on each other. In my opinion it’s also showed the value of this extremely rare gig.
Those who know the works of Darkspace surely noticed this mysterious formation doesn’t follow any musical standards or was influenced by other bands. The reason why I used the word mysterious because Darkspace are extremely keep their privacy and the mystique that surround them keeps the curiosity of the fans. Not to mention originality is the key to achieve high level popularity especially within the underground world. They definitely reached the point where the interest of the public is guaranteed. I do not wish to analyze to whole set and covering every single seconds because Darkspace are definitely THE band that you have to see before you die! So let me to share only a few words about the gig.


They performed the entire latest release, traditionally numbered III I plus an encore track with the power of a pulsar. The galactic emptiness they supposed to summon was filled with energy, radiant anger and raw dashed riff flow. As you can expect from them, the atmosphere was absolutely extraterrestrial and the sound was perfectly equalized by the technical side. The shrieking inhuman vocals echoed throughout their entire set and still haunted me for a while after the show was over.
The only negative fact was the size of the room. The place was over crowded and it made almost impossible to see them. I had to fight hard for a front position. However, I feel myself incredibly lucky to have seen this performance. In terms of Darkspace you never know when there will be another chance to take part of the Darkspace experience. More than likely not in the near future, I suppose.

To sum it all up Helvete Underground was probably the best thing to close the festival season of 2014. Thank to the absolutely professional organization and well selected line up all the attended enriched with the knowledge of the dark culture of Switzerland. Even if the festival doesn’t embrace the whole underground movement as it is not feasible anyway, Helvete Underground created an astonishing panorama of the Swiss extreme metal underground scene.

For more visual disturbances head here.

You can still read the first part of our review here and galleries for Day 1 and Day 2.



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