Interview with Blakk Old Blood – The last words of 2014.

After a copy of Blakk Old Blood’s first demo titled Pride was handed to me as a gift the idea of a short interview ran through my mind instantly. This is the proof of my gratitude.

Blakk Old Blood logo

What brought the Blakk Old Blood to life? What is your goal with this band if there’s any or you just formed the band for the pleasure to play together?

We formed the band because we all miss the old days, when black metal was pure and the old spirit was really alive in the music. So we decided to resurrect the old blood again… At first we wanted to release just one Demo or EP. Nothing else. But the harmony in the band was as perfect as the joy of writing new blasphemous songs, that after the recording of “Pride” we just couldn’t stop. And thus, the Idea to release at least all seven Sins was born.
There is no specific goal for this demon called Blakk Old Blood but to spread sin and blasphemy upon all of you.

When I listened to your demo my first thought was simplicity. Are you against the complex and over-polished black metal? Is there anyone in the band who is mostly responsible to form the sound and music of Blakk Old Blood?

We all don’t like over polished black metal…As already mentioned, we wanted to go back to the roots, to summon the kind of Black Metal we grew up with. And that’s why it ended in less complex songs. There are bands out there which play complex but still honest black metal, we don’t have a problem with that…but Blakk Old Blood shall continue the old fashioned ways…with lots of energy and blood! The main songwriter is Korvus, our bassist together with Goathammer.


Can you explain what’s the meaning behind the number 154? Why did you release exactly 154 copies of Pride?

There is a special formula behind this number, including the amount of band members and further unholy digits. Find it out by yourself…

The concept behind Blakk Old Blood is the topic of the seven deadly sins. (Will all the chapters released as demos? Can you imagine a full-length album to be released by Blakk Old Blood?) How do you see the future of the band after the topic of the sins burnt out?

We titled only “Pride” as Demo, all other sins will be EP’s. And – Indeed – there’s the possibility that one of the remaining cardinal sins will be released as full length album.
We’re not yet sure, what evil we will worship after our sinful chants but the nature of mankind has lot of wickedness to offer aside his sins, thus we won’t have any problems finding new topics. But let us first focus on the seven deadly sins..

The stunning cover-layout includes the lyrics as well but for those who don’t own a copy of Pride, could you please talk about it? What lyrical subjects did you cover with the songs?

“The stunning(…)” -> Thank you…

-Sin and it’s joy as well as It’s demise
-Rituals summoning the Lords of Sin
-Chaos and blasphemy


The old school audio formats such as tape and vinyl live their renaissance these years. Pride was released on tape and as far as I know your next release Wrath will be released on tape again. Why did you decide to use this type of audio format as the carrier of your first demo? Was it merely financial decision or this is also your way to stay loyal for the roots and the old days?

Exactly, “Pride” was released on tape, but for “Wrath” we made not only tapes but also a limited to 18 (6+6+6) copies CD-Version. The next sin, which is already recorded, “Greed” will be released on a 7″. But even thought, there is a CD Version of “wrath”, we just believe that that, what always has been there (tape/vinyl) are the best mediums to reflect our music.

The black metal scene nowadays obviously is not the same anymore than it was for example back in the 90s. Bands are appearing and disappearing and most of them don’t even leave any remarkable work after they`ve gone. In your opinion which band is worth to be mentioned from the active Swiss underground black metal scene?

Surly the bands out of our heretic circle – focusing not only on black metal but also old school death and black/death metal as well – are worth mentioning: Deathcult, Goatfukk, Bölzer, Antiversum, Freitod, Asag and Temple of Perversion.
Also some bands of the french part of Switzerland, for example our total-death worshiping maniac friends Eggs of Gomorrh!

Would you like to add any other important information about the band, your views and philosophy?

I think you find the answer to our philosophy and views in between all other answers…

Thanks a lot. I hope this short dialogue will give you more publicity.


An interview by LGH – MMXV
Live pictures were taken by Eisa – Digitale Fotokunst


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