“I’m fed up with classical BM stuff…” – Interview with Dagoth from Otargos

I’ve been following the band for many years. The first song I ever heard from Otargos was the M87 from the album Kinetic Zero. The sound and the atmosphere of that particular song already suggested that the band would move from the traditional black metal approach to a more, let`s say futuristic trend. Now it’s time to reveal the secret of this incredible musical evolution. Dagoth answered my questions and took a part of this friendly dialogue.

If we have a look on the entire discography in terms of musical approach of each albums the technical development is quite distinct. From the first EP till the latest full album every release of Otargos became more and more complex and diverse. What influences caused these radical changes?

I think it’s just a matter of evolution. I, and te rest of the band, evolved through the years and so the music follows. I always searched for to personalize OTARGOS’ universe lyrically and musically, each album is a step forward. Concerning the major change, with APEX TERROR, I wanted to show it was time for OTARGOS to enter a new era, I’m fed up with classical BM stuff…

Do you still consider Otargos as a black metal band or would you prefer to use an other genre to describe your music now?

OTARGOS isn’t a BM band anymore. Even if few people continues considering we still. For me, I prefer talk about Dark extreme Metal. I feel now closer to death metal genre, and the upcoming album will gonna confirm it soon.

As far as I’m aware you are the only founding member who`s still in the band. What’s happened to the others? How stable is the current line-up?

I am the only one remaining from the beginning of the band, of course cause I created it! Most of the time members left the band cause of personal problems without any link with OTARGOS, and stopped playing music after their departure. Anyway I keep good relationship with most of them. Unfortunately such as many bands it occurred we decided to fire a guy…. cause of the lack of motivation or professionalism. I can announce you in advance we will soon welcome a new Guitarist !!

I don’t think that many listeners have a clear idea what dwells behind the name of the band. What is the meaning of Otargos?

It comes from old Greek language, from a word meaning „the goat” … I was young when I found this name ! Hahahaha!

The latest album titled Apex Terror contains more electronic parts than any other previous Otargos release. Why did you decide to make your music more colorful with these electronic effects? Who is responsible for these so to say „extras”?

As main composer I proposed to include these „effects”. You know, the „new” OTARGOS is really focuses on futuristic novel and landscape… so it was appropriate! I don’t want to put boundaries anymore when I’m composing, I do just what is best for my ears! I love this kind of subtle arrangements, it gives the music some interesting relief and originality. For APEX TERROR I wanted something more modern. But don’t worry OTARGOS will never change to a „new wave” or „dark electro goth” band !

You have always been part of the video production as well. You also released two short films (Cloning the Divine, Worship Industrialized from the album No God, No Satan) and a video clip for the track titled Fleshless-Deathless. All these videos are more than professional works. Have you ever thought about working out something like a full movie, art film or any longer video material, obviously linked to your music?

Thanx for the compliment! Yes we wanted to realize it once… but the lack of budget makes us give it up… we have to make choices.

Not long ago you wore „corpse paint” or if you like, war paint on stage. Why did you leave that outfit behind? Is it also part of Otargos’ evolution?

As I say it was a logical evolution, but also to keep more distances from the BM scene. The band, since the beginning, always took care of its general aestheticism and image, not only on stage. I wanted to prove that OTARGOS is not just interesting cause of its visual aspect. But, we decided not so long ago to use again some kind of subtle war paints for the future in due to darkenize more our live show, it will perfectly fit with the new album !! But don’t expect a BM way corpse paint !

You are currently working on the new album. Is it going to follow the path of Apex Terror or are you planning to come up with something completely new and unusual?

The new album will be the fierce successor of APEX TERROR. With more Death metal influences but also with some kind of old school thrash/BM riffs. It will be darker, more somber and blasting…This time all lyrics are based on Extraterrestrial bestial onslaught inspired by W40K, I always been inspired and fan of this universe since I was young. It’s now my principal inspiration. If you enjoyed „APEX TERROR”… you will adore „XENO-KAOS”…
Notice that you are the first one to know the title of this new release !

In what format will it be released and when? Are you planning to release any vinyl formats? If I’m correct you haven`t released anything on vinyl before.

It will be released next September, in CD format first (digipack?). Maybe vinyl later… in fact it depends of the Label… You’re right at this time none of OTARGOS album exists on vinyl format… we are disappointed of that cause we really would like.

No question Otargos is a technical and high level band, obvious headliner on any international festival. How could it be you just rarely play live?

I know it … we often have bad luck concerning booking and booking agency… past 2 years we worked with unprofessional ones and lost a lot of opportunities (and time) for instance 2 European tours had to be canceled during 2013-2014… hope 2015 shall be better!

The last question is a bit off-topic but somehow can be linked to Otargos I guess. Do you think the life on Earth (let’s say intelligent life form) were planned by some higher entity or our existence is simply the result of a sequence of countless random coincidences?

Good question.. I love it … I am passionate about Cosmology and Ancient astronaut theory … In fact I give some answers and possibilities in XENO-KAOS… My opinion… both answers could be possible and one of them is certainly the good one. As on „Prometheus” movie we could be here cause of ancient extraterrestrial higher entities… or just from random coincidences …. of course I prefer the first option! One thing is certain WE are made of star dust elements … from extraterrestrial origins.

Thank you so much for your time to dignified us with your honest and meaningful answers. Now I would like to leave the last word for you as your message to your fans. It will be forwarded to them with this interview.

I would like to thank all our fans and followers whose are supporting us since the beginning.
The new album XENO-KAOS is on the way… prepare yourself for something massive and obscure.
Ulrich Dagoth Wegrich

An interview by LGH – MMXV
All pictures are taken from the band’s Official Facebook site.


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