Tsjuder’s debut UK show. Norwegian apocalypse in London!

Probably the entire underworld has already heard about that Tsjuder, one of the most notorious horde from Norway are finally ready to subdue the capital of England.


Their debut show will be exclusive in many ways, not to mention the fact these Scandinavian demons can be seen on stage relatively rarely. Also respectable the band’s loyalty to the roots of the genre, and their brutal and uncompromising music is worthily reinforcing the second wave of the black metal outbreak. Not so many bands left out there that can be compared to the original Norwegian sound and ideology from the early 90s. Tsjuder are still a powerful representatives of the old times.
Currently they are being buried under snow in a studio somewhere in the northern mountains to work out something new and interesting for us. Their 5th album is in process and will come out later this year.

As we can expect from Aeon Promotions they had chosen supporter bands from the British underground scene that could perfectly fit to the headliner. Eastern Front, England’s most active live band will fill the air with the smell of gunpowder once again. Nowadays there is no event without them.

Necro Ritual and Premature Birth from the London scene also allure with promising warm up show. Both of them represent a different face of the extreme musical world but quality is guaranteed for sure. More about them in the full review later on.

I think all the factors are matching for an incredible devilish night in The Garage at Valentine’s night!
Prepare yourself!

Tickets are still available from:
Aeon Promotions



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