The European Terror reached England – Marduk & Belphegor @ The Underworld (26.02.2015)

Yet an other classical event. Yet an other dark night under the mark of Aeon Promotions. I think everyone foresaw that a quality gig can be expected again. No surprise. At the end the Marduk – Belphegor collaboration turned into a sold out event. One thing was for sure. It was going to be sweaty at the Underworld. Let’s see who started to heat up the venue first.

Each encounter with Ethereal proves me that this band found the path that could lead them to the Hall of Black Metal Fame. With their first full album ‘Opus Aetherum‘ released by the noted Candlelight Records they cemented themselves into the grounds of the contemporary UK scene. In a previous review I mentioned how curious I was to listen to an Ethereal full length release and I can say they exceeded my expectations. Opus Aetherum is a brilliant black pearl and I think it is to fill the hollow space of the tedious symphonic black metal direction.
Ethereal‘s sound was spotless and precise. The gig was a good promo with a fine song compilation. Even if the show wasn’t so to say overwhelming or above the ordinarily extreme but their outfit is getting better. They weren’t scared of posing on stage and the vocalist noticeably began to learn the skills of a real frontman. The band has a good potential.
This type of extreme metal is capable of building up a huge significant fan base and moving the masses. I would say the band should start to prepare for international waters. Slowly but surely they will get there.

Ethereal@The Underworld London - 26th February, 2015

After the  symphonic melodies the raw power and anger took over the stage in the person of Bliss of Flesh. The French death black horde celebrates their 15th anniversary this year thereby the skills and musical competence they gained during the last one and a half decade was quite distinct. I do not wish to make a comparison but the difference between Ethereal and them was conspicuous. Bliss of Flesh was the only performer tonight who neglected the usual formalities and relied only on the strength of their music. With two full albums under their belt Bliss of Flesh could be a powerful live band but this time the audience wasn’t really interested in their performance. I suppose because they’re not well known in the UK scene. As far as I’m concerned haven’t heard of them either. Nonetheless they were keen to give their 110% and that’s what mattered.

Now that the warming up section came to an end it was recommended to sort ourselves out with some beer before we step towards the professional madness.

Belphegor@The Underworld London - 26th February, 2015

During the years somehow the chance avoided me to put down my thoughts about the live gigs of the Austrian blackened death machinery called Belphegor.  The unholy horde has been sharpening their merciless metal for 20 miserable years and 10 albums now. Despite several difficulties and serious health issues Belphegor is unstoppable. As we all know the band officially works as a duo but on tour they are accompanied with an additional guitarist and an indispensable blast beater. The session crutches converted the ensemble to a killer line up. Helmuth and his allies came and without any amateur mistakes nailed the show with infernal pace and attitude. The set they played included a wide variety of their unmistakeable blasphemies. The peak of their performance was definitely the Lucifer Incestus – Conjuring the Dead – Bondage Goat Zombie trinity at the end of the show. To put it simply it just rammed everyone into the ground. It would be waste of words to dissect the show as their’s not much to say other then Belphegor left my jaw dropped.

It can be stated the night was the event of freshly released materials. Just like Ethereal and Belphegor Marduk was also right after the launch of their latest, numerically the 13th album titled Frontschwein. When the place got transformed into a bloodcurdling smokey battlefield, the towering figures of the Marduk division invaded the stage. These Scandinavian guys are really monumental in size. Marduk is the perfect example of the extreme music meeting the appropriate personalities. Especially the aura of vocalist Mortuus suggests that best to stay away from him. His firmness and reputation worthily keep the dangerous charisma around his name. Not to mention his voice is the most savage within the current scene. I wouldn’t mess with him.

Marduk@The Underworld London - 26th February, 2015

Last year Marduk has a blood transplant. Fredrik Widigs took the drummer position and had a chance to prove in the studio straight away. With the new drummer on board everything seems to work out flawlessly. Compared to Marduk the WWII was just a noisy car boot sale, nothing more. The band often gains inspiration from the horrors of war and it further reinforces their natural power.
If I’m correct they performed 14 tracks and several of them were taken from the latest album alongside with classic songs such as Burn My Coffin and Warschau. I was glad to hear the The Blond Beast. In my opinion this track is the one where the influence of Mortuus‘ other musical self-expressions Funeral Mist can be sensible the most. Unfortunately my personal favorites were never played. Not as if we hadn’t had a chance to drain all of our anger and unnecessary energies.

Every single Marduk concert is like to go to war alongside with the band. Not easy to survive but against them we would loose the battle for sure.

For the full gallery please head to HERE.
A live report by LGH – MMXV.




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