Tsjuder – Norwegian apocalypse in London. Bloody Valentine’s day – 14th February 2015.

Instead of a romantic dinner together with the loved one, Tsjuder‘s first appearance in the UK was more desirable and attractive for many people than the traditional way of having this special occasion. I don’t blame anyone who had decided to see this legendary black metal ensemble and not to reserve a table for two.

Right after doors, just before the first band occupied the stage, a meet & great session with the Norwegians took place at the back of the venue. As far as I’m aware, it was a short meeting and also for many of us it was more important to “waste our time” in the nearest pub instead of waiting for them. That’s how I missed the chance among many. At least plenty of fuel was “pumped into the tank” before the mission started. Not that I had anything on me to get signed either.

The first performer was Premature Birth, a widely known death-black hybrid within the London scene. I caught them twice last year during my regular visits to the capital. Since then the line up and the structure of the band hasn’t changed a lot but their sound became more tight and sharp however the synthesizers still didn’t managed to win me over. However, it was a good idea to pick a slow riff out from Satyricon’s Mother North. At first I thought it was going to be just a short block built in their own song but when they carried on and closed their set with the entire track, then my eyes widened and the song forced a grin on my face. For me, who likes the old classic hits on recent gigs it was more then a brilliant ending. Premature Birth is slowly becoming an impressive live band, in my opinion.

Necro Ritual @ The Garage 14.02.2015

Fortunately Necro Ritual was cruel enough to help me forget about the synthesizer caused experience damage. The unpolished and raw, let’s say traditional black metal was a real warm up and they got the right atmosphere. The necro-ritualistic performance from start to end was striking and held the attention. There was no time to rest at all. The front man was on fire during the entire show. He angrily slapped his own chest or alternatively brandished his mic stand with a deer skull on it. These acts was an imposing sight, to be honest.
Some brave warrior (remained unknown) from the haven of the audience threw something on the stage, whic hit and pissed off the singer quite badly. I just wonder how come he didn’t take revenge. It was an absolutely professional gig and I’m really looking forward to see them live again.

Eastern Front@The Garage, London

Eastern Front delivered a surprisingly short set which contained only four tracks from their much wider repertoire. Although their latest album Descent Into Genocide (2014) just came out not long ago they weren’t keen on giving a proper length performance. It seemed to me the war torn gig was over before it had even started. Figuratively, of course.
The first three songs were performed in the following order: Retribution Sky, Ghouls of Leningrad, Descent Into Genocide and at the end they spiced up the set with the title track from the first album Blood On Snow.
It’s not the first time when COLS report from the frontline so now I do not wish to talk about the band’s artistic an main inspiring subject. Please head back to here or here to reveal their story.

Tsjuder@The Garage, London

After the quite extensive foreplay it was Tsjuder‘s turn to show their demonic face to London. I was lucky to see them at Hellfest last year where they gave an awesome and powerful performance, so this time I had some foundation of a comparison. Singer Nag opened the ceremony with a roar. He made it clear who they are and what it is they do: “We are Tsjuder! True Norwegian Black Metal!“, as befits. After the polite introduction they kicked off straight away. There was no one who could resist the “calling to dance” riffs of The Daemon Gate, let alone the second track, the legendary Helvete.
The infernal trio did the best they could. They played uncompromising black metal in the vein of the elder hordes. Their set was extended to their whole discography and a new, yet-unreleased track Demonic Supremacy was also added as an encore at the very end.  They delivered the same technical quality they usually do and all the performed songs went down well with the crowd, especially the closing Mayhem cover. Deathcrush was the last lethal stab before they left us alone frozen in blood.

Despite Tsjuder is a prominent representative of a very prominent musical sub-genre, somehow, after the show I didn’t have the feeling of a flawless perfection. It wasn’t their fault but the lame audiences’. The major negative factor was the big bold mountain sized bellend who tried to mosh us out of balance all the time. I hope he clearly felt my boots in his arse.

Huge thanks to the crew of Aeon Promotions for bringing Tsjuder to London for the first time ever and organized an incredible event for the fans of the blackest metal. Stay tuned and follow them online. It is still just the beginning.

See the full gallery here.
Aeon Promotions can be followed on their official site.

A live report by LGH – MMXV.


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