“My Art is aimed at specific audiences” – Interview with Darchon

Since the beginning of mankind human souls are instinctively amazed by staring onto the night sky, where infinite darkness and lifeless environment dwell. Just set your mind free from the terrestrial fetters and let it drift away into the galactic emptiness. This imaginary experience can serve as an inspiration for anyone. In the 21st century, musicians turned these experiences into a very unique and raw concept. Darchon is a typical example where the extreme musical evolution is heading nowadays.

darchon logo

First of all please give us a short introduction about yourself. How long have you been working under the name Darchon? How came the idea and the conception of your music? What is the meaning of Darchon?

Darchon created in 2008, and I am the only member. I write the music and I play all instruments. I describe my art as dark cosmic black metal, influenced by the vastness of the dark universe and the insignificant presence of humanity into it. Darchon means The Lord of Darkness, from the ancient greek word “ἄρχων” and the darkness which is Satan, the supreme force of nature itself, the cosmos. Darchon represents the ultimate void, the death, the endless solitude and wilderness of the majestic cosmic ocean. Thy infinite darkness and the destructive force of cosmic elements.

Is Darchon entirely your own work or is there any other musician you contribute with?

Yes, it’s entirely my own work.

There are several tracks on Youtube tagged as a Darchon composition but those particular tracks cannot be found on any of your official releases. I think you know which ones I’m talking about. Can you create a brief “discography” about your releases and reveal the origin of the above mentioned unidentified tracks?

The official releases are the Split with Battle Dagorath (USA) and Lorn (ITA) “Enshroudment of Astral Destiny” which released in 2012 by Kunsthauch and the EP “From Unknown Vastlands of Isolation and Death”, a self digital release of 2014 and will be re-released soon by Self Mutilation Services in cd, which I made all the artwork. All the songs you describe, were uploaded first by me, and will be included in my upcoming full-length album.

darchon ep cover

When will your first full album be released? Is it gonna be available in physical format or just in digital version? Which label will take care of it?

It will be released this month by Kunsthauch in cd digipack, and also in a special edition. The title of the album is “The Stygian Black Beyond” and the track list is:

Apeiron, Outer Darkness, Caldwell 77 (NGC 5128) Centaurus A, Selene, Crossing the Celestial Path to Infinities and Beyond, Auslander Hostility, Into A Cosmic Solitude, Unseen Kingdoms.

and will contain two extra songs in a Special Edition. All this material was written between 2009-2013. I also made the cover and the artwork of the cd. Its an album mostly inspired by the works of H.P.Lovecraft. An Opus about the Great Unknown Abyss from the most ancient dark corners of the Universe. Cold, unearthly landscapes and vast mysteries of the unexplored and macabre darkness of existence upon the ignorance of humanity.

Would you describe your song creating process? Is there any special method or gear that is absolutely indispensable for your work?

I need always to have an “image”, an inspiration when I’m starting the creation of a song or album. I’m inspired by darkness…the nature, the winter, the moon, the night sky. By thoughts and ideas that I always had, about Apeiron, time and space and death. I have my gear and my own home studio, important tools for my work and creation.

darchon desert

The sound of your music sounds a bit unnatural so to say. Which instruments are played by you and which ones are programmed and/or performed by a synthesizer?

The sound is raw and always will be. Cold and unnatural as ambient and ethereal at the same time. I play all the instruments (guitars,bass and synths) and I do the programming of the drum machine. I make also the vocals and all the mixing, production and mastering.

It is pretty much impossible to figure out anything from the screams and shrieks that mixed with the industrial riff flood. Would you mind talking about your lyrics? What kind of theoretical subjects did you cover with your songs?

The screams and howls are the inner strength that comes out, expressing the darkness and the fear of the unknown. In some of my songs there are only these screams while in the most of them I use lyrics or even some important words and expressions to me. I like also to use samples from films and nature. I want the vocals to be icy, demonic and unpleasant. About my theoretical subjects and themes for example Outer Darkness it’s a song about the macrocosmic obscure blackness that is inside me and out there.We are part of this hostile Universe which is so unexplored and unknown to us as our souls. The Outer Darkness is the true Hell, the abyss, the true form of Satan. The song Oceanus is a hymn about the astral sea, the magnificent and majestic cosmic ocean. In Greek mythology Oceanus was a Titan, a son of Uranus and Gaea, the divine personification of the sea, an enormous river encircling the world and the title of the song has a double symbolism. The ocean covers 71% of the Earth’s surface and contains 97% of the planet’s water, yet more than 95% of the underwater world remains unexplored as the Cosmic Ocean that the human knowledge and exploration is below 5%. Almost zero. I wonder, what kind of horrors and overwhelming knowledge exist in the most ancients dark corners of cosmos…

darchon caldwell

The Greek Mediterranean climate and the cold and inhuman nature of Darchon are nearly incompatible with each other.  What are your main inspiration forces that help you to create this unique atmosphere within your music despite the environment you live in?

The environment in which we live certainly contributes greatly to the perception and to the expression through the art, this is absolutely sure . And my country, Hellas, has decisively contributed to shaping my thinking and my expression through the Art of Music. I am fortunate to live in the land of the greatest ancient civilization, the Hellenic, the most important in the history of the planet. The cold and inhuman nature of my music, as described, has to do mainly with my study and understanding of the ancients Greek philosophers, occultists, astronomers, mathematicians and others which laid the foundation and essentially discovered and invented sciences such as astronomy, astrology and philosophy from which I gather inspiration for the dark cosmic themes of Darchon. The climate of my country was, is and always will be temperate, and in winter if you visit places as Mt. Olympus and the whole area around the mountain, or mountainous areas of Epirus for example, you will feel for sure the frost and you can taste a real Winter.

How do you see the future of Darchon? Can you imagine that it ever becomes a live performance?

I am in the process of the creation of a new album. I compose new songs,and i made some recordings. I’m very pleased as now with the result and the new Darchon album will be cold, dark, obscure and majestic more than ever. Darchon is one man’s band and always will be. Darchon will never play live.

Bearing in mind Darchon not an easily listenable musical creation. In what situation can you imagine it to be played the most?

The easy and digestible music, intended for masses. My art is aimed at thinking and serious people, and those who have a developed aesthetic and crisis. However some of my creations like Apeiron,The Pleiades, or Breath of Typhoeus, may make an impact in the general public, but this is not my concern. My Art is aimed at specific audiences. Just close your biological eyes and open the spiritual one, listen to the music and travel beyond the narrow limits of consciousness into the cosmos, reaching the Stygian black beyond. This is a lonely journey.

If you will ever have a chance to create you ultimate ensemble line-up with living or either dead musicians, who would be in it?

Varg Vikernes (Burzum) – Everything

Thank you very much to provide answers for this short interview. I hope it was fuel on fire and will boost your reputation.

Thanks for your support and for this interview.


Darchon’s first full-length album will be available through Kunsthauch.
All pictures were taken from Darchon’s official Facebook site.

An interview by LGH – MMXV


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