London will burn once again – Incineration Fest 2K15

incineration flyer
After the first year’s success and absolutely positive feedbacks, the organizers of Aeon Promotions decided to give it an other round. If something worked well and worth the investment at the end, why shouldn’t you do it again? However it was never a question.
The first run, Incineration 2K14 got sold out and the same tendency can be expected this year as well. Not to mention the increasing amount of stages. Four venues (instead of two last year) namely The Electric Ballroom, The Underworld, The Black Heart and The Dev, will host the bands that are playing this year. Considering the distances between the venues I have some doubts how it will work out? Anyway, it will be very atmospheric night in Camden with hundreds of metal heads all over the streets and clubs. I’m 100% sure the organizers will figure out the most comfortable running order for everyone.

Just to mention a few performers from the overall 30 to make the event more attractive. However I think no need to introduce any of them for the festival’s target audience.
One of the headliners is God Seed from Norway. Ex-members from the notorious horde of Gorgoroth also play in the band. The rest is history. Shining‘s suicide fixated past and misanthrope present allure with some not to be missed moments. When Shining is on the stage, anything could happen. Impaled Nazarene from Finland has 25 years under their belts. The band were pioneers of building up the Finnish scene. Insane Nordic black metal. An other interesting band from Finland, Oranssi Pazuzu appearance counts as a very unique moment. Their psychedelic and surrealistic musical approach to the genre is completely extraordinary. It won`t be the first time when Otargos from France will perform in England organized by Aeon Promotions. The band is just about to release their new album. Hopefully it will be available during the festival. We cannot forget about the English presence either. Funeral Throne from the Midlands will prove us that the true black spirit can still be found in England. There is no event nowadays without bands that are inspired by war topics. This time Endstille from Germany will be responsible to open the warzone.

otargosfuneral throneendstille

This short teaser only covers a few of the several confirmed bands and only reflecting the direction of Chamber of Lost Sounds. The main target for others might be other performers but one is for sure. Incineration 2K15 going to be a notable event. A small chapter of extreme music’s history is now being written including ourselves. Do not miss the chance to be the part of it! It’s quite obvious that only a few years and the sequence of Incineration Festivals will turn to a tradition.

Incineration Festival, London – 09.05.2015

Tickets are still available on the festival’s official site.
Pictures were taken from Metal Archives.



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