Profundi – The Omega Rising – A devastating piece of delicious death rage (LP review)


I remember when this came out almost 10 years ago by Profound Lore I did not pay that much attention to it. Maybe it was my lack of information about this band or my disinterest towards the overplayed black metal at that time. Since I really do give respect to labels such as Southern Lord, N.E.D., W.T.C. or Profound Lore, I listened to The Omega Rising a few months later after it came out.

Profundi is a one-man band hailing from Stockholm/Sweden. The main character who stands behind this project is widely known from Swedish cult black metal act Naglfar. His name is Jens Rydén and The Omega Rising is his one and only debut under this banner. As you might know, Jens was the incredible vocalist and founder of Naglfar for many years and after quitting his band he decided to make music of his own taste. Besides his other project Dead Silent Slumber (which survived one album, too) and Swedish Viking black metal Thyrfing (done vocals for the last 2 albums), Profundi focuses more on the raw and terrific side of black metal.

The Omega Rising opens up with the power of a maelstrom: the dark Swedish signature guitar tone in ’…Of Flesh & Blood’ ensures the listener that there will be no fucking around. The second track ’Unanimation’ follows in the same style with less blast and with more obscure harmonies. Songwriting in its finest form, vocals are heavy and horrid as fuck. Listening to the complex vocal techniques he used on this record, Jens has an amazing talent in music writing. It still doesn’t fit into my mind how the hell he was able to play (and how well he played!) all the instruments on this record, including drums and percussion (inhuman work, even if it’s programmed) Nordic styled guitar playing (as I mentioned before, an orgy for ears) pulsating bass themes and sick vocals. There are a few majestic key-board parts also to strengthen the atmosphere.


Of course, this is not impossible if we know multi-instrumentalists like Peter Tägtgren but Jens worked under the radar and in silence. He knows the very essence, it is in his blood vessels and with Profundi he shares the musical empire of such bands as Setherial, Dark Funeral, Sacramentum, Dissection and even Naglfar. Songs like ’Coffinborn’ (a devastating piece of delicious death rage) ’Lifeless, Cold & Crimson’ (a solid destruction with a few slower parts) prove us that Profundi is a heavy-weight player in the ring. The closing track ’Out Of The Evening Mist’ is the last punch: a right Northern fist in the face before knock-out. An absolute destroyer and an elegant ending for a darkly magnificent release.

The only weak point I found in The Omega Rising is the sound. It’s quite good and enjoyable but the cymbals (rider and crash) are a bit up and front in the mix and they sound a bit somehow artificial. The rest is okay, the drums are on high speed level, the guitars shred (those guitar solos and themes are fucking beast!) and vocals are very well balanced, even with the echo effects. All in all this is a tremendously evil album with great moments, coming from a time when black metal was not just an over-hyped, commerce piece of product but a way of living and a way of thinking.

Hail Satan.

Lupus Canis – MMXV


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