Ritual of an inner circle – INNER AWAKENING FEST VII. Szeged, HUN. – LIVE MUSIC CLUB, (15.08.2015). Day 2.



Some cool shots of spirit before the gig at an awesome place called Pivo (I wish I could spend more time there) we walked down the stairs of the club again and the first band just started to play. Dunkelheit opened the ceremony and they were outstandingly good. My first thought was that I see a band from abroad – I had to ask a few of my friends around about who they were and where they were from. Dunkelheit also belongs to the Inner Awakening Circle and shares members with other bands such as Lepra, Hell Eternal or Gravecrusher. I listened to their latest album Mors Aeterna which I really dig but they were much more brutal live. They played only new, fresh, unreleased material. They hurt more like sandpapers sliding upon the skin. Their music had a dark radiation towards the listeners, it was almost like atmospheric black metal but in a very special way. Not the depressive or suicidal stuff, just pure and cold feelings of the ancient black metal cult. A danse macabre. If you want to go deeper in the realm of Dunkelheit I recommend their full-lenghts. But their next opus is on it’s way…



Hunok was the second on the bill and I was a bit curious to see them because they functioned as a whole live band and for the first (and maybe the last) time I think. I did not know what to expect. I loved Hunok’s “A mag létének egyensúlya” demo (it reminds me to a complex ritual ambience parallel to songs from SAW vol2 by Aphex Twin. I am not kidding.) and Gábor’s other materials were mostly influenced by old-school black metal music such as Darkthrone or Burzum. On the Inner Awakening Fest he was able to perform brand new Hunok songs with the help of members in (now defunct) German Nyktalgia. The whole set list was based on Hunok’s debut album “Megrendíthetetlenség” so I have to say, theirs was a really special one. The overall sound was good, every instrument could be heard in the mix, well balanced. One of my friends told me that some parts in Hunok’s music reminded him to some guitar riffs in Gholgoth. Strange coincidence. I had to leave the concert room due to a moderate asphyxiation (no more oxygen left down there plus the heat was killing everyone) and breathe some fresh air at the park.

When I returned I realized that I fucking missed the whole Niedergang set (sorry guys, maybe next time) which is a real bummer for me since I really liked what I’ve heard on Delirium Aeternum. Fuck.

The guys of Sheol were getting ready on the stage and doing sound-check. I listened to them on their bandcamp page and I especially liked the Sepulchral Ruins Below The Temple album. Pretty decent stuff, cryptic-stench-filled death metal with a lot of occult elements. I asked myself how they are going to re-create and manifest this sepulchral vibe through a live concert. And they succeeded. They did well, I got more what I expected – a killer performance with heavy sound. Chainsaw guitar-themes (Dismember/Entombed, the Left Hand Path – the only way) hammering drums and percussion, all these with growling vocals from beyond. An inspiring ghost of Teitanblood floated through the fog generated by the smoke machine during their concert, but Sheol’s music had more form and less chaotic, less rabid than the Spanish madmen’s. Around half of their set I noticed that something went wrong with the drumming: it became a bit clumsy, not as tight as before, the switching between parts were a bit constrained. All in all there was nothing wrong with it, just caught my sight for a snap. I watched 2 or 3 more songs then went upstairs to smoke a cigarette (the heat was unbearable down there again) and have a talk with friends. A few minutes later an ambulance car came in because someone injured in the club. Unfortunately it was Sheol’s drummer… Shrapnels of wood from the drumsticks (while crashing cymbals) landed on one of his eyes during playing the first (!!!) song but he didn’t stop or gave up. He was the hero of the day, kudos for him, I really hope he is feeling better now. Sheol is a really promising formation, I am curious about their future plans and releases.



We arrived to the last band in our program, the Greek black metal entity: Acherontas. They were preparing for the magic ritual, a lot of candle-holders lit, forms of sacred bones, the smell of blood and fumigants were everywhere. During the fest every performer had its own tremendous outlooks of declaration. I have to say today’s forwardthinking black and death metal bands and even in sludge/doom metal (and the persons behind them) have reached a new level of transfiguration both in musical and visual aspect. That’s a good thing, for sure. After the endlessly looped and droning (some kind of meditation like) intro the members of Acherontas entered the stage. The sound was okay, only some type of vocals (the chanting one) were a bit high and loud in the mix. Their fast, mid-tempo based, thoughtfully structured, gnostic black metal was an excellent choice for the ending act. They played skillfully. At this point, my mind kinda reached its human limits, it was overloaded with beautiful black noise. All I remember that Acherontas created a heavy, murky dream-like state like if it was a black matter from the universe. It fitted really good to the festival’s image.

Summam summarum, the seventh Inner Awakening Fest was an absolutely great event to experience and stands strong and unrivalled after years among other festivals inside our borders. As this year’s happenings were not enough the organizers have already set up the next ceremony of Black and Death Arts. The 8th IAC festival is coming in between the 12-13th of August, 2016 with a much more thrilling line-up: Germany’s death worshipping Chaos Invocation and Finland’s dissonant madness, Devouring Star amongst others. Keep your minds open and your eyes peeled. Hails and cheers to everyone got involved in some way establishing this happening. Hail Holy Death!

For news, updates and information about the next edition of Inner Awakening Fest please head to the event’s official Facebook site.

For updates and more information about the bands please head to the official sites.

A live report by Lupus Canis – MMXV.


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