Nile with Suffocation – Technical death metal carnage @ The Dome, London (08.09.2015)

Aeon Promotions has already proved it many times whatever they organized in the past that event always turned out as a prominent gig. They always deliver the most extreme bands to provide the best parties for the metal fans of London. To open the autumn season they confirmed two ultra brutal death groups from the States who could easily headline a tour separately but the combination of Suffocation and Nile was more than promising.

There were two support acts before the American headliners namely Truth Corroded from Australia and Bloodtruth from Italy. Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to see any of them but I bet they perfectly matched to the atmosphere and turned the crowd on as it should be.

When Suffocation appeared on the stage they surprised many of us straight away. Most of us were waiting for Frank Mullen to lead the band but instead of him a guy called Ricky Myers (Disgorge, Sarcolytic) was on tour with them this time. Anyway the line-up modification didn’t cause any changes in the band’s live performance. The monument sized front man totally won the audience over. The rhythm section was in absolute sync and Mr Hobbs solos sounded crystal clear all the time. The only problem was with the volume level. The entire show was unbearably loud as much as it almost ripped apart my eardrums.
Their set was a quite extraordinary compilation of tracks. There were only two songs from the post-millennium era, the rest of the tracks were taken from the old 90s. Probably this selection meant everything for the die-hard fans who kicked the shit out of each other as a gratitude to the band’s efforts.


Tonight’s main act was Nile with their brand new release in focus. What Should Not Be Unearthed is the 8th album in the band’s discography and in my opinion the best title ever from them. Since the dawn of the band the Dallas – Sanders duo raised the bar in terms of technical death metal, consequently most of the bands with similar musical approach can’t even be a patch on the complexity and technical skills of Nile.
The gig was a proper rampage with the power of a sandstorm. Some of their performed songs were close to my toleration threshold because sometimes I had the feeling it was all about showing off, however obviously they are already departed from this type of mentality ages ago. The curse of the Pharaohs has a distinct effect on the audience. Just like slaves from the ancient times the crowd blindly obeyed to the command: headbang and mosh to the death. During the entire set the fans were in a psychotic mental state. The ground became slippy due to the spilled ales and it caused sometimes a huge pile of human body in front of the stage. It was a very impressive scene and convincing from the band’s point of view. All in all it was a great show, from the first notes till the last riff Nile did the best they can. There are still many albums hidden that has to be unearthed from these guys mind. We can’t wait.


After the last song the crowd has scattered like scarabs in the catacombs with the hope of  a next great gig in the near future. Fortunately tonight was only the beginning at the end of 2015. More to come not just in London but all over the country. Stay tuned an check the official site of Aeon Promotions for news and updates.

For news and other official stuff from Suffocation please head here.…and here for tracking Nile.

For a full photo gallery click here.

 A live report by LGH – MMXV.


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