Darkness descends – Nightbringer w/ Lychgate, Funeral Throne and Ataud @ Nambucca, LONDON (20th November 2015)

Some of your ultimate favorite bands can be in light years distance and you can just hardly imagine the fortunate event when you finally attend their show. But when it happens it’s like heaven (or hell) on Earth. In this case the long awaited band was Nightbringer from Colorado, US. When the flyer of the gig came across it was like a snap in the face. Unfortunately the band rarely bring the night over European sky however this short tour wasn’t the first occasion. Their latest album the incredibly qualitative and valuable ‘Ego Dominus Tuus’ (Season of Mist 2014) came out last year. I doubted how they will manage to at least approach the atmosphere in a live environment that they created in the studio. I was surprised how easily they did.

The supporting acts also kept some good moments for us. Ataud took the stage not long after doors and gave a short warming up death set. The audience was yet negligible. Those who already settled down in front of the stage could witnessed an intense and keen performance.  Ruben Jaramillo seemed to be aggressive enough to lead properly his killer band. After he relocated his residence to London, the Colombian guy brought the band to life. During their set the many times experienced and well-known South American fury was presented on the highest level.  Despite the band evolved in the UK, in terms of influences it’s still strongly rooted in Latin American soil. Ataud stayed loyal to it’s original blood.

Funeral Throne@Nambucca London

Funeral Throne
All rights reserved © Vivien Varga

The crowd slowly began to increase. Funeral Throne from Wolverhampton summoned the pure essence of black metal. Their music is spiced up with some pagan influences, which give them a bit of spiritual atmosphere. This was mostly dominant during the acoustic parts. Unfortunately the sound wasn’t spot on but it wasn’t their fault. I noticed many of us were unsatisfied with it. At the end someone even gave instructions to the guy behind the desk and told him to f@cking do something. Luckily the second half of the show was way better so my personal favourite titled ‘Victory’ was a proper kick in the face.
Upon their evil metal substructure Funeral Throne is slowly building up their very own musical world which is more diverse and colourful than we would eve thought.

With the performance of Lychgate we were getting closer and closer to the darkest side. Scheduling them right before Nightbringer was definitely a good decision. They pulled each of us yet deeper down into the abyss. As they were going along on their discordant set they tuned our mind onto a devilish frequency. Greg Chandler’s (also known from Esoteric) vocal techniques are extremely unique and unusual at the same time. Deep growls with tons of reverb made us feel we were standing right at the gate of hell, listening our own personal death sentence from the Devil himself. It was a very weird experience as Lychgate prepared us for the highlight of the night.

Nightbringer@Nambucca London

All rights reserved © Vivien Varga

So it was time to see the mighty Nightbringer. Finally! A brand new member, not else than Shatraug (Horna, Behexen, Sargeist) joined them in the last minute to made the line up complete, probably not just on this tour. Apart from him it was difficult to identify the other members. I had only guesses but one was for sure, Naas Alcameth (vocal and mastermind) doesn’t showed up and in my eyes it made the whole event meaningless. How can you expect the same quality and music from a completely different band?
With the defective line up they launched the ritual with the intro of the latest album ‘Ego Dominus Tuus’ and carried on with its following track ‘Et Nox Illuminatio Mea in Deliciis Meis’. I don’t know what happened to the sound or who took over the control but I felt like I was in a completely different venue. Especially the kick drums sounded like a never ending sequence of thousands of machine guns. I hope once they will have a chance to prove on a big stage where this incredible amount of energy will have enough space to spread properly. Somehow they couldn’t unfold their power within the walls of Nambucca. Those who are familiar with the band and this special sub genre can imagine how incredible (and dangerous in terms of salvation) a Nightbringer set can be. Well, it was more than a casual live experience. Despite the (very) different line up the original spirit of the band was still clearly sensible. I think we just purchased our tickets to hell… one way only!

Nighbringer currently moved back to its lair to regain some of the drained negative energies. For more information and updates please head to there Official site.

To see our full gallery please head HERE.

You can follow Lychgate HERE , Funeral Throne HERE and Ataud on this LINK.

Thanks for your attention!

A live report by LGH – MMXV.


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