KATHARSIS – “The ever spiraling dark vortex” – Fourth Reich (LP review)

Let me clear something up: our personal aim here at Chamber Of Lost Sounds is to show past, present and future acts (such as bands, records, events, etc.) that we really adore as powerful, occult sound & art. The so called list is eternally expanding itself as time passes by and our specific taste is the only strainer that counts here…

I continue my work.


One word: menacing… the ever spiralling dark vortex of Germany’s black metal unit KATHARSIS unleashed this insane beast called Fourth Reich more than 7 years ago but it’s still mind-crushing with every listen. Complex, ferocious (but less cacophonic) songs of total black metal and Devil worship in its purest, immaculate form. Their previous release VVorldVVithoutEnd (for me the ultimate highlight of their career, the synapse of a death rite) left the listener in the middle of a world of harsh, chaotic, noisy savageness while Fourth Reich has a slightly different approach in structure. I think Katharsis is one of those bands whenever I hear their music I exactly and absolutely know that ’yeah, this is Katharsis, they’re gonna fuck your mind up pretty hard’. If I have to strip down their body of work, I have to begin with the drum parts: raw, ritual-like and destroying as hell, not useless, out-of-time hyper-speed blasts, just the drumming that the song really needs. Bass parts are buried and tortured on each record, a perfect base together with the percussion for the next element: guitar riffs. Catchy, pan-demonic, excoriating guitar themes that can be recognized even from miles away. Imagine the best killing riffs from A Blaze In the Northern Sky or Under A Funeral Moon but like 100 times more violent. Pure fire. And last but not least the crown of the satanic work: vocals. Untouchable. I mean the style as they play the Devil’s music is extremely noticeable. For example, the horrid Spanish BM assault Teitanblood also has its own signatures and special features when writing obscure music. There are not so many bands that have such massively strong individuality. Katharsis is one of the oldest pioneers of this underground BM genre.


Fourth Reich starts with So Nail the Hearts which is one of my favourite tracks, an absolute punishment, wherein you can find all the above mentioned features. The song ends with a nice, head-nodding, mesmerising riff and a guitar-solo which delivers a hypnotizing, cathartic atmosphere together with the unearthly woman chants. Yes, there are some female vocals on the record, which adds another layer to their music. There are a lot of great moments on Fourth Reich (but less trap and hooks than on VVorldVVithoutEnd), the (only) instrumental organ-play mediatation, Emeralde Graves gives us a deeper view into the wicked world of KTHRSS. My other favourite track is the closing one, Sinn Koronation, it’s a monstrous, slowly creeping, then destructive BM bedlam. The guitar solo is just perfect. And the eerie ending…

The other strength of this record besides the music, is the unique and well-written lyrics. On their last releases the words morphed into something different than usual English written texts. It’s like a new language (basically it is some sort of distorted English) developing itself under strict laws and circumstances. Every time I read them, they blow me away.

Fourth Reich is officially considered to be an EP, but on the basis of its length and vitriolic content this could be even a full length. I really hope, that there will be a next opus, but rumours say they silently split-up or on-hold, I don’t really know, and others say that they share members with fellow musicians Ascension, which is also a splendid formation.

All in all, I highly recommend Fourth Reich and its antecedent, VVorldVVithoutEnd to everyone who likes well-thoughtly written and quality BM music.

„ this is the nyghte of nyghtes, & all shall beare vvitnesse, the sunne vvill drovvne in the ray=ging sea, & the moone vvil follovv the finallie… „

Lupus Canis – MMXVI

No contact..No updates..No information..KATHARSIS


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