Unconquered Darkness Festival @ Voodoo Lounge, DUBLIN (30th April – 1st May)

Preview by LGH – MMXVI.

Not long after the winter season ends but it’s still cold and dark (especially in Ireland),  you can spend an entire weekend in Dublin with conquering the darkness. Unconquered Darkness Festival will take place at the Voodoo Lounge club during two days over the last weekend of April. On this occasion organizers Invictus production in cooperation with Dark Descent Records managed to gather the most darkest hordes from the deepest abyss of the underground scene.


The line-up consists of bands from the unknown numbered wave of the extreme form of metal. Most of the performers are established after the millennium so the event will be definitely a proper contemporary ritual.

With no particular headliner and yet without proper running order the full and finished line-up deals with not less than 21 bands from different countries. Here is the list of the confirmed bands:

Morpheus Descends (USA), Adversarial (CAN), Corpsessed (FIN), Possession (BEL), Krypts (FIN), Antiversum (CH), Anguish (SWE), Malokarpatan (SVK), Zom (IRL), Malthusian (IRL), Obscure Burial (FIN), Vircolac (IRL), Lantern (FIN), Head of the Demon (SWE), Lvcifyre (UK), Lucifericon (NL), Sheol (UK), Ellorsith (SCO), Apostate Viaticum, Maveth (FIN)

Cracking line-up accompanied with popular Irish brands such as Guinness and Jameson can be the most effective combination to turn the event into an alcohol soaked seance. Either you want to stay sober or not, during the weekend everyone will have the chance to drain the essence these bands are meant to deliver.

More info about bands can be found and tickets can be purchased from the event official Facebook site.





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