Middle Eastern curse: Nile w/ Melechesh and Embryo @ The Dome, LONDON (8th April 2016)

Nile continued their What Should Not Be Unearthed Tour as Part II. They already treated us last September with a well-executed set here in London, however it never hurts to see the masters of death metal play twice, especially when they are supported by another fine act, Melechesh, who have recently released their latest album Enki.

The night was opened by the Italian Embryo. Having already three full-lengths under their belts (Chaotic Age, No God Slave and the latest, Embryo) they have a lot to offer. The crowd seemed to like them and considering they were the opening act, quite a lot of people wanted to see them and headbanged approvingly but somehow I had the feeling Embryo doesn’t really fitted in the lineup.


As Melechesh took the stage slowly the scent of incense sticks started to fill up the room and supposedly bringing back the long lost ancient times. So much so that the band in fact is of Assyrian origin. The band was formed in Jerusalem, Israel but a few years later, for different (and obvious) reasons, they moved their base to Amsterdam. Coming from a place that has a very turbulent history and especially nowadays when no day passes by without seeing and hearing from a war, crisis or revolution in the Middle East. All our respect is theirs. So there is quite a lot they can tell us about the ancient times as they have been doing it since 1993. Their latest piece, Enki (their sixth album in a row) came out last year and Melechesh still tours it so it is not surprising that tonight’s set was built around that. Ashmedi, lead vocalist and guitarist knew how to work the crowd. Blasting off with Temper Tempest Enlil. It was insane how quickly a moshpit formed and fans didn’t really stop till the end. The hypnotic rhythm grabbed everyone out of calmness, twisted our souls out and dropped on the dirty floor after their gig ended. Absolutely stunning performance!


On the other side, as tonight’s headliner proves it beautifully, you don’t have to be born in the Middle East to be deeply inspired by times long gone. Nile are considered to be masters of their trade when it comes to death metal. Nile is probably the only death metal band whose shows have the most people with big smiles on their faces. And that includes the band itself. Their set was obviously about promoting their new album What Should Not Be Unearthed but fortunately older tracks found their way into the setlist. Sacrifice Unto Sebek was a great start and the carnage didn’t stop afterwards. Just before setting off the killer riffs of Unas Slayer of the Gods, Karl Sanders said the following: “When you’re old and grey and your grand kids ask you, grandma, grandpa, what was death metal like? You can answer that you witnessed Nile in London performing Unas Slayer of the Gods.” Although he might have been exaggerating a little bit but one thing is for sure, tonight’s set sounded as it should and it was as insane as it should be. The vocal (and also their guitar) skills of the two members at the front cannot be questioned. Both guys growl, shout, scream and mumble alternately meanwhile they tortured their guitars in an extreme but artistic way. Another painful smash in the face what we received from them was the Black Seeds Of Vengence.


Nile belongs to the camp of those band’s which plays on a level that really hard to follow with your eyes and hard to comprehend with your brain. I would say they have reached the point of perfection and raised the bar so high for themselves, too.  This level is impossible or at least difficult to exceed. We will see what the future brings but one is for sure. Nile will always be a guarantee for quality and extremely complex metal.

Head here for the full gallery.

For more info and news about the bands please click to the following links: Embryo, Melechesh and Nile

Live review by VV and LGH – MMXVI


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