The past is alive – Mayhem and Watain Celebration

As we all know and heard about that Mayhem recently performs their legendary De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas album entirely here and there and yet in December they will take it on tour, hand in hand with Watain. This short tour has in store for us six concerts where both bands will perform one of their legendary album ENTIRELY.

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(Not)Surprisingly Mayhem will put on stage the mentioned De Mysteriis.. album meanwhile Watain will gladden us with their second full album titled Casus Luciferi. Both albums are powerful and has some kind of dark vibe dwelling within them so the combination of them will be definitely exceptional.

The other reason why this short European tour is so special because Watain disappeared long time ago. The wolves moved back to their lair hopefully with the intention of working on a new material. We will see..
But for now we are lucky to have 15th December – Paris carved into our calendar where Chamber of Lost Sounds will witness the rituals.

“Behold the black cloud of corpse-like birds
Their wings are on fire
And their song has turned backwards
A morbid cacophony singing of
A New Dawn”

Full tour dates are the following:

13th Dec 2016 – Rennes, L’etage
14th Dec 2016 – Rouen, Le 106
15th Dec 2016 – Paris, Trabendo
16th Dec 2016 – Endhoven Metal Meeting
17th Dec 2016 – Warsaw, Metalow a Wigilia
18th Dec 2016 – Gdansk, Metalow a Wigilia


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