Norwegian British dark alliance – Djevelkult (NOR) @ Black Heart, LONDON – 3rd December 2016.

This was the first time I had attended an event organized by Eradication Booking Agency so I was a bit curious. Even though the line-up was enough to convince me I found myself excited as to what the night would bring as I believe each promoter and booking agency has their own loyal hardcore fan base that usually plays a major part of determining the atmosphere of the night.
Eradication took the opportunity to book Djevelkult from Norway to play their debut show in the UK. For this special occasion they confirmed three other strong bands from the English scene, namely Heathen Deity from Derbyshire, Reign of Erebus from Farnborough and Ethereal from Liverpool. There is no need to even mention the whole event was organized under the banner of black metal. Let see how it went.

After twelve years of absence, the first horde that made an effort to raise some destructive vibes was Heathen Deity. It was obvious after their first song they are not meant to reinvent the wheel of black metal but  to keep the attitude that the pioneers of the genre worked out many years ago. Usually I’m not favoring the slow and monotone parts during a black metal performance but strangely in the case of Heathen Deity I pretty much enjoyed the several minutes long hypnotizing section in the middle of the set. They even paid a tribute to the Norwegian scene and the dark past as they performed Deathcrush from Mayhem. This was a nice surprise and to be honest, I feel they did a great job with that cover.

Heathen Deity @ Black Heart, LONDON 2016.

Reign of Erebus literally exploded as a nuclear missile and kept the raging fire alive throughout their short but intense set. The singer didn’t spare his power to pour some anger into the crowd’s heart, surprisingly the audience (including me) stood still and acted like a bunch of ruminant livestock. To pay at door is one thing but from the band’s point of view, a frantic mosh and a sea of banging heads is the best reward in return for their effort to play. I can’t wait to see Reign of Erebus on a proper sized stage that they really deserve.

Reign of Erebus @ Black Heart, LONDON 2016.

Since Ethereal released their debut album titled Opus Aethereum (Candlelight Records 2015.) the band is literally unstoppable. No wonder. They are always reliable to deliver a killer set and to give 110% on stage, however the symphonic sub genre may not be everyone’s cup of tea but in my opinion the orchestrated bits made the event even more colorful. If you ask me Ethereal is the living example of what can be done if you are persistent enough, and to not give up even if it takes a decade to write an album, which is one of the best of its kind.  Due to personal reasons the bass player couldn’t make it tonight hence they had to perform with only one guitarist. I found this didn’t weaken their performance at all, and yet tonight they’ve earned another trophy for a bloody great performance. And finally the crowd turned mad, the atmosphere intensified as Ethereal played one of their strongest opus called Unholy Ungodly.

Djevelkult @ Black Heart, LONDON 2016.

After a short break the guest blasphemers from Norway were ready to desecrate the stage. Djevelkult as I expected pretty much follows the old Scandinavian path but for me the three British support bands were way more powerful. Apparently the crowd doesn’t seem to care a lot about the actual level of the Norwegians’ performance. Probably the appearance of a Scandinavian band still count as an exclusive event, consequently it doesn’t matter how interesting and unique they actually are, the audience will love it anyway. No offence but I disagree as I saw really good bands playing for literally nobody and I also saw not very remarkable bands playing for a frantic mass. Hands up who understands this?
Anyway…despite Djevelkult’s cliched musical approach they did the best they could: they played a quite long set for us and and at the end they also managed to create a pretty good atmosphere. Not just the band but even those who just stood quietly at the back were exhausted after the last track. To sum it up even though they weren’t the most original band on tonight’s bill Djevelkult still doing a great job. Cultivating an old and dying sub-genre called ‘True Norwegian Black Metal’ is not an easy task and this is something that we all have to be very grateful for.

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Contact of the bands: Djevelkult, Ethereal, Reign of Erebus, Heathen Deity

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A live review by LGH – MMXVII.


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