Darkness descends – 13th Moon, Lunar Mantra, Deitus and Obscure Lupine Quietus @ Ivory Blacks, GLASGOW (11th Febr 2017)

The Spanish death-black horde 13th Moon left their homeland to play outside of Spain for the first time. An occasion like this always counts as a milestone in any band’s history and also a must see gig for the most dedicated followers. Unfortunately it was the last gig (at least for a while, hopefully) organized by the local promoter under the banner of Gigs in Glasgow and if all of their previous shows were as remarkable as this one, then we definitely lost something with their departure. These guys brought several bands to Scotland since 2014. They always tried to put on rare and various shows that was never seen before or just long time ago.

Also I should mention that the event was co-organized with a Scottish record label called Ascetic Visions. They are focusing mostly on ‘music of a more esoteric nature, including but not limited to black metal, death metal, ambient, noise, folk, experimental and the psychedelic.


The atmosphere in the room instantly made us forget about our everyday life and the grey world outside, once we were allowed to enter the venue. The strong and penetrating smell of frankincense filled the air and several candles were already lightened and displayed on stage. This setting gave us the impression of a shrine  and created a distinctive mood however the lack of proper lighting made it almost impossible to take a few good shots for the article. I know from the aspect of performances and the crowd’s point of view it’s absolutely irrelevant.

The first performer of the night was the local Obscure Lupine Quietus. Although they are around since 2010. somehow they missed my attention or it’s just me who lived in a cage so far. The four piece horde settled down on stage quite fast and they kicked off with the opening ceremony. The value of their complex, well composed music and the effort they’ve put into the performance can not be questioned but unfortunately the sound doesn’t helped us to receive their works perfectly. However I really enjoyed to watch their show, the sound reminded me when I listened to Darkspace in my old Corsa when I tried to reach 70 mph on a motorway. Chaotic white noise. That’s the downside of playing in clubs with small PA.


The second band called Deitus was confirmed technically in the last minute as the German Shrine of Insanabilis were replaced by them due the low ticket sales. Well, it wasn’t a bad idea at all as in my opinion Deitus‘ did a very good job with their latest album titled  Acta Non Verba (Ulthar Revords 2016) so I was 100% sure they will deliver high quality in live too. In fact in this environment Deitus could unfold their music more as their compositions weren’t over detailed so it was much more enjoyable. Hence the term: less is sometimes more but don’t let the simple guitar-bass-drums line up to deceive you. Deitus are wolves in sheep’s clothes.

One of the most interesting performance was Lunar Mantra‘s gig. The band perfectly combined spiritualism with destructive aggression however black metal was always close to the spiritual world and occultism but usually it’s mostly conspicuous in the lyrics. Lunar Mantra don’t just ‘sing’ about these abstract and otherworldly subjects but also in their music we can meet with meditative almost shamanic mantras. They made the performance even more unique with the shaman drum that the singer picked up and played for awhile. No doubt he tried to re-tune our mindset and put us in trans. It might worked for some people but even if the show was pretty much loaded with transcendental elements, still during their roughly 40 minutes long set nothing else but merciless black metal was the dominant. Hopefully they will treat us with a new material soon.


If the first three bands weren’t evil and dark enough then 13th Moon definitely dragged us into the deepest hell. Certainly they played almost in pitch black dark, only a few candles made them visible on stage which atmosphere perfectly matched with the band’s concept. They knew how to make their show impressive. A more stylish performance would have been an illegal gig at the lower temple of Glasgow cathedral but unfortunately something is just not possible. Proper underground.

As was expected the sound was thick and heavy from the first riff plus the vast amount of reverb and echo made the vocal even more demonic and dead. The cold temperature of the venue has added a bit of extra chill to the already cryptic atmosphere. All these factors accompanied with 13th Moon‘s ominous music created a real near-death experience. Two of their most savage tracks titled ‘The Rite as Sinister as Old‘ (see video below) and ‘Breathing the Putrefaction of their Grace‘ led us down to the imaginary chambers of death. Unfortunately their set wasn’t really long and their repertoire doesn’t include dozens of tracks but I hope they will keep playing their live rituals and 13th Moon will return to the UK.

Thank you people from Gigs in Glasgow and Ascetic Visions for the incredible line up and unforgettable musical horror. Hopefully it wasn’t the end.

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Ascetic Visions
Obscure Lupine Quietus
Lunar Mantra
13th Moon
Video source: Seehash

A live review by LGH – MMXVII.



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