The past is alive – Mayhem and Watain Celebration

As we all know and heard about that Mayhem recently performs their legendary De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas album entirely here and there and yet in December they will take it on tour, hand in hand with Watain. This short tour has in store for us six concerts where both bands will perform one of their legendary album ENTIRELY.

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(Not)Surprisingly Mayhem will put on stage the mentioned De Mysteriis.. album meanwhile Watain will gladden us with their second full album titled Casus Luciferi. Both albums are powerful and has some kind of dark vibe dwelling within them so the combination of them will be definitely exceptional.

The other reason why this short European tour is so special because Watain disappeared long time ago. The wolves moved back to their lair hopefully with the intention of working on a new material. We will see..
But for now we are lucky to have 15th December – Paris carved into our calendar where Chamber of Lost Sounds will witness the rituals.

“Behold the black cloud of corpse-like birds
Their wings are on fire
And their song has turned backwards
A morbid cacophony singing of
A New Dawn”

Full tour dates are the following:

13th Dec 2016 – Rennes, L’etage
14th Dec 2016 – Rouen, Le 106
15th Dec 2016 – Paris, Trabendo
16th Dec 2016 – Endhoven Metal Meeting
17th Dec 2016 – Warsaw, Metalow a Wigilia
18th Dec 2016 – Gdansk, Metalow a Wigilia


Unconquered Darkness Festival @ Voodoo Lounge, DUBLIN (30th April – 1st May)

Preview by LGH – MMXVI.

Not long after the winter season ends but it’s still cold and dark (especially in Ireland),  you can spend an entire weekend in Dublin with conquering the darkness. Unconquered Darkness Festival will take place at the Voodoo Lounge club during two days over the last weekend of April. On this occasion organizers Invictus production in cooperation with Dark Descent Records managed to gather the most darkest hordes from the deepest abyss of the underground scene.


The line-up consists of bands from the unknown numbered wave of the extreme form of metal. Most of the performers are established after the millennium so the event will be definitely a proper contemporary ritual.

With no particular headliner and yet without proper running order the full and finished line-up deals with not less than 21 bands from different countries. Here is the list of the confirmed bands:

Morpheus Descends (USA), Adversarial (CAN), Corpsessed (FIN), Possession (BEL), Krypts (FIN), Antiversum (CH), Anguish (SWE), Malokarpatan (SVK), Zom (IRL), Malthusian (IRL), Obscure Burial (FIN), Vircolac (IRL), Lantern (FIN), Head of the Demon (SWE), Lvcifyre (UK), Lucifericon (NL), Sheol (UK), Ellorsith (SCO), Apostate Viaticum, Maveth (FIN)

Cracking line-up accompanied with popular Irish brands such as Guinness and Jameson can be the most effective combination to turn the event into an alcohol soaked seance. Either you want to stay sober or not, during the weekend everyone will have the chance to drain the essence these bands are meant to deliver.

More info about bands can be found and tickets can be purchased from the event official Facebook site.




Dark clouds gather. Nightbringer (UK debut) w/ Lychgate, Funeral Throne and Ataud @ Nambucca, LONDON (20.11.2015)

May the sky fall and eternal night reign after the unholy hour.

An incredibly extreme and soundwise demonic formation namely Nightbringer from Colorado, USA will take a short European visit during the end of November. Fortunately the first station of this mini tour will be in London on 20th November, organized by Old Empire and Isengard Promotions. This occasion will be unique in many ways. Nightbringer with their latest opus titled Ego Dominus Tuus (released in September 2014 via Season of Mist) carved their name on the monolith of occult black metal and raised themselves into a higher level of musical existence. The band is way far from the average sound and musical concept that most of the metal fans are usually familiar with so their performance will definitely lay a milestone on everyone’s timeline who dare to attend and face the abyss.

The wing-bands will be three not less extreme performers. Lychgate from the underground dungeons of London will perfectly fit to the headliner’s mystical atmosphere with their essentially dark sound but spiced up with a touch of Gothic influence. They will definitely win those who enjoy the cryptic sound of church organ as it is pretty much dominant on the face of Lychgate musical creation.
A proper kick-ass black metal carnage can be expected from Funeral Throne. The Midlander horde will be the only band on the bill that follows the old path of the pioneers. The band recently re-released their latest album titled Threshold which was a huge leap in terms of sound after their first full-length. Dark melodies kneaded together with restrained anger and that’s exactly what Funeral Throne is about.
Ataud will attack also from the London area and they will pump some trash blood into the night’s metal flow. A Colombian guy namely Ruben Jaramillo brought the band to life after he relocated his residence to London. The South American fury can be easily noticed after the first listen. Blade sharp riffs, tireless blast beats accompanied with Spanish lyrics are the main ingredients of this deadly trash metal and that’s what Ataud will deliver. Nothing artistic only pure hatred.
Each band is unique in their own way but the black essence of evilness will be common.

Updates and more info about the band can be found on the event’s official Facebook site.

Tickets are still available via Seetickets.

A preview by LGH – MMXV.

Death metal carnage. Nile + Suffocation @ The Dome, London (08.09.2015)

As it used to be during the summer break, all the bands and fans were heading to different European destinations to attend the biggest metal events of each year and leave the clubs abandoned for a while. But now it is over. After a long deadly silence, since their latest event Incineration Festival has ended (it was almost exactly 4 months ago from the date of the following gig) the London based Aeon Promotions are ready to kick off the autumn / winter season of 2015 with a killer line-up show.

nile tour 2015
Two brutal technical death metal bands namely Nile from Greenville, South Carolina and Suffocation from Long Island, New York will tour Europe for more than a month, includes 29 gigs within 13 countries.

Nile will release their 8th album on 28th of August, just one day before the first show of the tour. I suppose the timing of a new material could not be better than this. At the same time Suffocation hasn’t thrown anything on the market since 2013 but it doesn’t mean they won’t be interesting. Even if their latest had come out ten years ago, the aggression and brutality they represent is unprecedented and this makes their appearance mandatory every single time.

Unfortunately there won’t be any local forces to support the tour, however two other performers will join to the headliners. Bloodtruth from Italy won’t be outsider as their musical approach is pretty much the same as the two main bands. Their debut album was released last year and and shared bay the band on youtube.
Truth Corroded from Australia are represents a more melodic and so to say easily digestible direction but without a question, they will turn everyone on and set the night into the right pace.

This night will be worthy the opening for an eventful season that will be rich in metal for sure. If the beginning as hard and pithy as this show, I’m really curios what else they keep in store for us in the near future!

The official Facebook site of the event with more details can be found here.

Tickets can be purchased via Seetickets and from Ticketweb.